Time for Blocking

Finally, the last stitch has been knit in my sweater. Now to block it so the 6x1 rib throughout the sweater is a bit more prominent. Then the zipper goes in. I learned so much from this project. I changed the wrists from an i-cord bind off to a 3" rib stitch simply because I prefer it. I do like the i-cord bind off for the bottom. It draws less attention to that middle-age spread that I inherited from dear old dad! The curl at the bottom should smooth out, hopefully, once it is blocked. I am going to bring this for show and tell at the retreat.


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Very nice, Mark. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person while we're in Colorado.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm in love with that sweater.

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Thanks Terry. I have really had a great time making it. It's my first sweater with real arms, so I was nervous about it knitting up something like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family knitted up on that TV sitcom.



Note the number of arms! LOL


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Really nice. Job well done. What is the yarn?


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I got it off KnitPicks. The designer, Staci from VeryPink.com used the same yarn. It is like knitting with butter. Very soft to the touch and easy to work with. On the nickle-plated needles it just glides effortlessly. Her tutorial and excellent pattern instructions made the job easy. Next comes the zipper, and she shows a neat way of doing that as well.



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Mark, that is beautiful work. Your finishing techniques are top notch.

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You are too kind. Thanks. Hopefully it will be dry tomorrow...it's been so damn humid here...then I can get the zipper in the way the designer's video teaches it. Very interesting technique.


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Wonderful work. I know we live in a much dryer environment but I leave a fan on my drying work, just having the moving air seems to help the moisture get sucked away.

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The fan has been going since yesterday afternoon and we now have the a/c on as it is to be near 90 with high humidity today. I have it on our dining room table, so hopefully it will be dry when we entertain tonight.

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just in time for summer! Terrific sweater.. congrats

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Thanks for the compliment. I am putting the zipper in today. I am NOT a fan of doing this. It's so fiddly. I am thinking that the weather in Colorado will be cool in the evenings and morning at that elevation, so I might actually get some wear out of it in July! Go figure.