Cute Crap and Tour de Fleece (repost from

All together now... Ahhhhhh.

This little hoodie has finally found a home. 

One of the guy's many nieces is expecting her first baby boy and since we finally got a baby shower invitation this jacket that has been sitting in the gift drawer for just such an occasion has been pulled out, finished and blocked and ironed for today. I figured it was time to get a couple more photos as well.

When I say finished, it got its blessing of torrid insults and cuss words as I sewed on the little snaps. It's going to catholics so it needed its blessing, right? I've mentioned before how much I hate sewing. I don't think of my Mother as an especially patient woman yet she loves sewing and I did not get the sewing gene. Of course, trying to sew on little snaps while hurtling at highway speeds northward from Colorado when I was already exhausted, maybe wasn't the best idea.

After a good long nap, I also finished up my spinning project I've been working on. I know, that picture doesn't make it look very finished but I just love how the evening light made the colors glow. Just so you all know, I'm a noob at photography and though I have a wonderful camera, I do not play with my photos beside cropping once they have been dropped to my computer. Someday, I may be that good but for now I love catching things as they are if I'm able to.

But, back on track. I have 346 yards of a 4ply cable yarn.

It's awesome. So soft, though surprisingly un-bouncy. It does have some trouble spots but I know how to correct them next time so I'm happy with it.

The most surprising part for me is the kind of drab olive green that was p[resent in my singles turned in to a sunny bright yellow in the final ply. It's amazing what color does in spinning.

I love it!

And the best part about coming home last night? This was on my door step. My monthly installment of fiber club and my special order fiber purchase form Huckleberry Knits. Have to stock up for the Tour de Fleece. And speaking of the Tour, any other wyoming spinners out there going to partake? If you're a ravelry member you can join me in the rookie group here.

I was curious if there was any interest in a menwhoknit Tour de Fleece group this year. I searched for one yesterday but only found the groups from years previous and it did not appear there was one for this year yet. Anyone else interested? If so I'll create it over there on Rav.

And, as you can see there's some more garden pics here, so I thought I'd throw up some more.

The last of my iris's bloomed out this weekend. Makes me kind of sad, they are a favorite and they just don't stick around very long after teasing me with buds for so long.

And the purple robe locust came into full bloom the last couple of days. I'm so glad it survived the vicious deer mauling.

Gives the yard a burst of color since most of my flowers tend to be blues and purples. Even my ornamental pepper that I had no idea what color it would be is giving me only deep purple pepper pods. So between the locust blooms and the maples reddish that is about all the color variation away from the greens, blues and purples of my garden I get. Notice a color theme in my world? Now if only that second locust the guy put in this spring would give us leaves... It looks like a sad Charlie Brown christmas tree in my front yard, but then since three of the trees in my front yard are new as of last spring, the front yard looks kind of like a Charlie Brown christmas tree lot. I should get a picture form across the street to show you after we get the house painted this summer.

Oaky,I need to go shower and pretend like I care for the day. You all have a great weekend.


Nehkhasi's picture

Baby Jacket is looking very spiffy! and the yarn is still beautiful. How do you know the amount of yards it yields?
Love, love, love lots of yarn. Your yards look beautiful! I know you have to sit out there many times taking in it's beauty and knitting away! :-)


AKQGuy's picture

I measure it... More specifically, there are tools for spinners to use to know how much yardage they have. I used to have a niddy noddy that was a 2 yard hank/skein winder. So I knew that for every full time around was 2 yards. Now I have a hank winder that is adjustable but I like the 2 yard mark, in fact I go a little beyond the two yard mark to allow for some shrinkage after the final wash and dry. It turns as I wind yarn on to it and I simply count the turns, so in the end as I pulled this yarn from the wheels bobbin I had 173 wraps. I washed and dried, and remeasured the hank to assure that it hadn't shrunk below the 2 yard mark. It did shrink a bit, but not by much and I had hoped for was right at the 2 yard mark. So 173 wraps x 2 yards gives me 346 yards total. Now, if it had shrunk below the 2 yard mark, I would have measured out the average length. Lets go with 68 inches. 68 inches x 173 wraps = 11764 inches / 36inches to a yard gives me 326 yards. Make sense? It's all basic math that I play with to get an idea of how much yarn I have in the end. I am currently saving up for an even nicer yarn winder/swift.

As for the yarn's beauty, I am rather proud of it. Thank you so much for the compliments all through its spinning.

Nehkhasi's picture

Just realized I responded in the wrong place ...... You're welcome! :-) And Thank You for taking the time to explain your process to me. I'm smiling... I learned something new. (Niddy Noddy) :-)


Crafty Andy's picture

Lovely stuff buddy. The yarn is very nice.

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you, I take that as high praise indeed since I've seen much of your amazing stuff.

CLABBERS's picture

Beautiful colors, Quinton. I see so many beautiful yarns on here that you guys spin and dye, or is it dye and spin? I would enjoy attending a seminar to see how the yarns are actually created, from the raw wool to the finished product. There must be quite a few steps!

The sweater you made is adorable. It will probably be one of the favorites in his wardrobe. It really is cute. Did you make it out of cotton?


AKQGuy's picture

Yes it is cotton. So it's nice and washable and still light enough for an August baby.

And whether it's dye and spin or spin and dye, it depends on the session. I don't know about the other guys on here, but I have done both, though admittedly not from a raw fleece yet. Everything I have gotten my hands on has been pre-prepped in some fashion. In other words, I haven't dealt with a lot of sheep sh*% yet... it's all been cleaned out. But i would like to down the road. It's one of the reasons I'm considering getting a second wheel for dealing with more "in the grease" spinning. As for attending a seminar, I know last year there was talk of moving the Rocky Mountain Retreat up to this time of year to coincide with the Estes Park Wool Market where there would be a lot of potential for such seminars. We'll find out when we see you next month if that will be a reality this next year.

CLABBERS's picture

Thanks for the info. I think it would be fun to learn the whole process, just to watch it and experience it someday. Making a sweater, hat, or pair of socks from "scratch" would be very satisfying. Remind me of the aesthetics when I go shopping in the fall at Costco or Penny's for new black socks.
It will be good to finally meet you in person!

Nehkhasi's picture

You're welcome! :-) And Thank You for taking the time to explain your process to me. I'm smiling... I learned something new. (Niddy Noddy) :-)


AKQGuy's picture

I'm glad to hear that, I was worried I was sounding like a smart a$$ as I wrote that. As for Niddy Noddy's, I was so excited to get my first one, and now I rarely use one because they just aren't near as much fun as I hoped they would be. I do still have one however for in a pinch they do work after all.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Lovely knitting, Q. And the yarn spun up beautifully. Congrats.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Tallguy's picture

Yes, it is a whole new world when you get into colour. What looks like one shade becomes something different when put next to another colour. I did a blanket with left-over bits and pieces of yarn (did I show that several years ago?) and I learned a lot about how colours influence each other. The same yellow appears so different when next to a green, or a brown, or a red. They all looked so different! Was a good lesson.

Cabled yarns are fun to do! But a lot of work too. Do you have a project in mind for this? It would work really well in socks, being quite durable. Or even a sweater. Or ..