Help Needed on Decorative Knitting Needle Tops

Hello All,

I am wanting to start offering decorative single point knitting needles that are geared toward men. I need your help in determining what style tops would be most popular. You could call this market research.

Please take a look at the attached picture and post which style tops you like. I will take the input and use it to determine what styles I may offer.

As a thanks for your assistance, I will pick one person's response at random and provide a set of 13" bamboo SPN with their choice of top and size. I will post the date of the drawing in the near future once I get some feedback.

I thank you for your assistance.

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Personally I like them ALL! However my preference is 8691, the silver pointed one.

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Hey Ben

I love your etsy logo. I love the tag line, Needles with attitude..."Whoa!"
I haven't owned a single point needle in my life, so my choice is null. Just cables. Makes knitting on the subway realistic. But I will keep an open mind to decorative or symbolic. I like Amish/Viking ancestry poking through my Louisville roots...LOL

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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What an awesome idea!

I am quite fond of a few for different reasons here. I love 8681 (the black spade) because of my love for Alice in Wonderland. The smile face (8744) just makes me smile looking at it so I like that as well. Now if there was a yin yang one or a dragon one, those would be my faves. But for now, the black spade (8681) is my favorite. Hope that helps some. :-)

I really don't feel the need for any cutesie- poo knitting gear.
Sorry, not my thing. I do admire your design choices and, hopefully your marketing skills! Good Luck!

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Hi Ben,
Good idea! I use circulars but also need the toppers so things don't slide off the ends when I move them around. I like 8662 and 8663. Actually, I like all the cylindrical ones, but the flat tops seem to be safer. I would think that the one with sharp tops or any other sharp points, like the crown, could get caught on and perhaps snag the more delicate fabrics.

I would like to see simple round balls made in lots of different colors. Something else that might be neat is if you could manufacture them in such a fashion that you could stick them to the ends of the single pointed needles near the other end of the needles so they don't get misplaced and can be shown off while actually knitting. Otherwise, the only time they are visible is the short time that they are put on and the knitting is then stuck into a bag or folded up when put away for an evening. It would be now to see them "in action" so to speak as a person is clicking away. Perhaps they could have a double purpose for circular and straight needles as place holders or counters while knitting. Somehow make them so they could be attached to the needle, again so they would be seen while the knitting is happening.

Good luck and have fun with these.


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I like the ones that look like bolts and the plexi dice

we put birds on things

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I Like the Dice 8601-8627(only play craps at the casino)
But I tend to use DPN's or Circular Needles

The Eyes 8745-8746 are cool too
Finally outgrew the Skulls though

Hello All,

Let me apologize for not following up sooner on my request for feedback on my needles. Life sometimes gets in the way.

Anyway, as promised, one of the responders to this thread will receive their choice of needles or point protectors in one of the styles pictured. I have recently started offering point protectors as well. I am still in the process of getting everything loaded onto ETSY, so if you don't see something you are interested in, just send me a note.

So the winner is....Christopher Charles. I will be contacting you via PM to get all the details.

Thanks again to everyone's feedback. It is much appreciated. I will keep you posted as there are some new interesting developments on the horizons for Big Daddy Needles.


Ben Guess, Owner
Big Daddy Needles

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*insert happy dance here*