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Just found out that one of my favourite knitting books (published in the 80s) is available to read for free online! It's very difficult to get hold of - I am lucky to have my grandmother's copy. The book, written by Vibeke Lind, was translated into English as "Knitting in the Nordic Tradition" but I guess those copies are just as difficult to find.

The online version is in the original Danish, but it actually doesn't matter much if you don't know a word of the language: the book is a great collection of charts, mostly for stranded colourwork.

And there are wonderful old photos of people knitting and/or wearing knitted garments.

Hope you find it useful!

Strik med nordisk tradition

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That's amazing...have to figure out how to save a few of those pages...

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I see you have to join to be able to print any pages. I've seen this book, but don't have it in my collection.

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Thanks for sharing this link. I've read the English version and found it a delightful source of information.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My local library in Canada has this book and I have borrowed it at least 30 times. I often use it for my bed-time reading. I have copied patterns and directions into my knitting journal and have used some of the patterns for mittens and sweaters. I love it and am glad you directed us to the book online. Now I can read it in Mexico as well.

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I flipped thru the pages, & found the Thumb of the glove on page 112 is amazing!

I'm just alittle new at knitting-I learned to knit to make my daughter a bag graduation. Unfortunately, I did the bag in colors I like, she didn't. I'm being forced to do her another bag, obviously not by her. It'll be another shock for christmas-maybe

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Thanks Ivar, I've done a search and discovered this book in my Knitters Guild library, must get hold of it.

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