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Finished a sweater for myself with Lett Lopi on 4.5 mm needles. It has been some time since I knit with Lopi wool and this sweater renewed my love for it. I love the lightness and the warmth of it and also how it is so predictable. The wool stands up to washing so well and blooms so nicely. I do have buttons for the collar but will wear it without for a bit to see if I like it that way.

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I love the style and color of your sweater. Not to mention the workmanship. Very Nice!!!

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Nice looking sweater Ron and such a good colour.
I've never seen the Lett Lopi wool, is it equivalent to sport or DK? Clive knitted me a sweater in one of the heavier wools when we lived in London in the 80s but it was stolen in France.

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Kerry, it is equivalent to our worsted weight (I can't remember what ply that is in Australia). I have one made from the heavier wool and I would hate to have that stolen. I was thinking of you because I have 3 friends who are going to spend 5 weeks in Adelaide and Sydney.

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Thanks for your kind words, Terry.

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Beautiful craftsmanship, Ron. And nice yarn choice too. It looks like it would be a pleasure to wear. I wish I could reach through my computer screen and touch it...

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Tom, the yarn is rough and sturdy when you knit with it but after washing it is lovely and soft . And it is a pleasure to wear. The evenings here are often cool.

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"but after washing it is lovely and soft"

Ron, I wonder if you could "unpack that phrase," as the English composition teachers are so fond of saying. Up above you mentioned in your reply to Mark that left over Lopi yarn is good for felting projects. Will your sweater become felted after you wash it? Or do you wash and dry it in some way that preserves the stitch definition? I've got a feeling that this year will be the year that I make my first sweater so my interest in this is more than academic...

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Tom, the pictures of the sweater were taken after it had been washed and blocked. Over years it does lose some of the stitch definition. (I have a Lopi sweater that is more than 15 years old.) I always wash sweaters in tepid water with some shampoo and after rinsing I spin them in a machine. When I say wash, I mean I let them soak in the water and I make sure that I only gently squeeze them and never rub them or wring them. Here in Mexico I have one of those old fashioned twin tub washer and the spinner is separate and it is easy to use. In Canada I have a front loading machine and in each I spin for only a minute. The rest is easy. Lay it out and shape it to the size you want and let it dry. I have made felted mittens with this yarn. For those I put them in a pillow case, tied it up, and put them in the machine with a pair of jeans and washed them in hot water. I have also felted things in the kitchen sink by rubbing them in hot water until the stitch definition disappears.
I hope you do tackle a sweater this year, Tom. The things that you have knit and shared with us are much more complicated than a sweater.

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Hi Ron,
Beautiful job on the sweater. I have not used the Lopi yarn. Now that you endorse it and I can see how nice it looks, I will have to try it. I'm about midway through a tweed sweater now so I have time to research the Lopi yarn. I really like the color you chose. I can see me wearing that on a cold hike.
Thanks for sharing.

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I find the Icelandic yarn to be light yet warm. And any left overs can be used for felting projects.

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Mmmm, luscious color and beautifully knit. I'm inspired to try some lopi yarn- I never have.

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Very nice sweater, Ron...really like the colour!

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Thanks, Jeff. How's the weather in Hamilton?

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A most lovely sweater. That color almost exactly matches a Malabrigo sock yarn that I used some time back that I found scrumptious. I hope this sweater doesn't get stolen - unlike Kerry's - because it is so nice.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks, Joe.