Update on LYS owner dispute

Several of you asked for an update on the dispute I was having a few weeks ago. Well it has ended and needless to say I decided that yes I want to meet and take classes with Cat Bordhi, but not with tension in the room. If you read that it had spiraled, boy had it spiraled. It had gotten to the point of several emails with many false claims and I had kept each email to ponder.(If you wish to know all the details you can PM me.) I even wrote a very long email highlighting and disputing those claims, sent it to several friends (one of whom is a friend of Cat's) and asked their opinions. They all said sending it would be a waste of time, because this person was obviously not living in the same reality as I. I have decided that I will not be returning to this shop. I can order what I need online (I live about 1.5 hours from the nearest specialty yarn shop) or wait until I travel to civilization.
I did decide to be the "better knitter" and send an email apologizing for the apparent breakdown in communication. I received an email back (no reciprocal apology) from the owner.

What really helped me get over this was a visit to THE YARN CLUB, in Virginia Beach, VA. It is not too far from my in-laws and they had a Christmas Open House on December 22. My wife and I both went and knitted and spun with both old and new friends. My wife compares it to "Cheers," and says "Some times you want to go where everybody knows your name." A new friend showed me the basics of Brioche knitting, an "old" friend helped me work on my spinning wheel so I could spin a while. I started a new pair of socks an we bought lots of yarn an a new yarn swift. I have been to this shop many times before an whether I buy a $5.00 ball of acrylic from the sale table for a charity project, or 3 hanks of hand dyed sock yarn at $25 each, I am treated as a customer, friend, and artist. It doesn't matter if it has been 2 months since my last visit or 2 weeks. (I saw on Ravelry someone else had asked how does one define a "current customer.") I will also be teaching my first class at this shop on February 9th. It is for my own design, the Clydesdale Cowl. I am very excited. This shop also teaches two of Cat's techniques with people I know and I am willing to take those classes and wait a little longer to meet Cat.

So there is your update. I am feeling much better about the whole situation and will actually be visiting my in-laws more often for knit time and friends at this shop. If you are ever in Virginia Beach, look up The Yarn Club. It is a great place just to drop in and knit.

Small Town Knit Guy


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Hi Rusty,
I think it's great that you have moved on. Trying to make headway with someone (an adult) who lives in an environment of denial and irresponsibility is difficult, if not impossible. The Yarn Club sounds like a wonderful outlet for you talents and to just coexist happily with those of similar ilk. You sharing of the event on Dec. 22 actually has lilting flow of words. I would enjoy taking a class from you. If I can make it to the Colorado retreat this year, I'd love to sit and learn something new from you.



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Thank-you for the update, Rusty.

Glad things worked out.