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I made a sweater for my friend Miguel. Shetland Wool, natural black, 3.25 mm needles. I decided to make a shawl collar even though I had never done one before. I inspected one at a clothing store and tried to make up a plan. I cast off 2.5 inches in the middle of the front and then decreased 2.5 inches on either side of this (every 4th row) to the neck. I picked up stitches at the ratio of 5 to 6 and started off with a small needle. I knew that if you increase the needle size the collar will turn easier and I did this at one third and at two thirds. When I had knit 2.5 inches I started to decrease at the beginning of each row. Luckily it seemed to have worked and I am pleased with the result.

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Beautiful sweater! I applaud your effort to make the shawl collar. I really like that look in a sweater. The fact that you figured it out on your own is even more impressive. Bravo!

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Thanks, Mark. I am not very good at reading patterns so I had to give it a try.

I don't change needle size on shawl collars but I do a few short rows at the back neck and it turns over (and stays turned over) naturally. You did a good job with this sweater and kudos for figuring out the collar yourself.

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Thanks for the tip. Something else to put in the arsenal!! How many short rows would you do?

It's an 'eye' thing really, but you don't need too many rows. If(!) you have a bit of spare time cast on about 40 stitches, knit a few rows and then start short rowing. You'll soon be able to tell if it's deep enough. Then go back to knitting the full rows until the collar is as you want it.

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Great looking sweater Ron, and clever you for figuring out how to do the collar. It fits Miguel beautifully.

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Great work, Ron. I sympathize about shawl took several tries on the one I knit up.

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