Open "weave" sweater

I am looking for a knit stitch for a sweater that would be open, i.e. not tightly knit using a thicker yarn.
Maybe something like a rose stitch? Would large needles and garter stitch work? Granted that would be bit boring as stitches go! :-)

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If I wanted to do something like that, i.e., create a more open fabric, I'd look at some lace stitches and lace techniques. (This is just a guess. I know nothing about lace.) There might be a lace stitch that would give you the "open weave" effect that you're after. It would be very interesting, I think, to see a lace stitch or an entire lace pattern done in bulky yarn with big sticks. All the best with it, Tom

Try "Purse Stitch"......very easy!
On an EVEN number of stitches:
(Yarn Over, Purl 2 together ) across.....every row.

Add one or two selvedge stitches each side, if desired.

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You may want to take a look at for sweater patterns. I am going to tell you that I have seen something like that, but mostly on a woman's summer shirt. Very open weave. You have to go really big on needles and since you are using bulkiy yarn , I am afraid the broomstick knitting needles will be your choice. I am sure there is a pattern out there, but you may end up having to create your own pattern. Thick yarn is relative, you may even use pencil roving to knit with. First look and see if you find a yarn that you want to make the sweater with, then make a drawing of how you want it to look.

The first thing I would do is adter I make a drawing , is to share the drawing of what you are looking for and see if someone can come up with the link. We are a resourceful group!

Another possibility is to weave the fabric on a loom and then make the sweater.

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After trying out suggestions and different weight yarn, I decided on the Rose pattern from Barbara Walker.
I used a sport weight yarn in two colors. It is taking me a long time as I am not that fast a knitter and I don't knit all the time.
Is there a way I can upload the picture of pattern here?
I am doing the back panel first and am 1/2 way done.


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Beautiful work! Awesome stitchery. Good luck with the rest!

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Depends on how "open" you want it. I did a summer shawl last year with YO, K2tog. Leaves pretty big holes between the stitches, kind of a lacy effect. I'm sure it could be adapted to a sweater pattern. As Tom says though, it uses US17 needles (broomstick). Knits up quickly though.

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