Babies first Ugg Boots

I have just completed these cute Ugg Boots for a friends yet to be born baby boy! They were easy to knit and I have used good quality New Zealand sheep wool!!

They have been knitted with what we refer to as double knit or 8 ply wool.

I am waiting to see them on the child. :-)

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Very cute!


AKQGuy's picture

Very cute, and very nice work.

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Thank you---- they were an easy and quick gift to hand make for this much wanted baby.

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They are like the real thing. I love them.

Kiwi Trevor's picture

Many thanks for your comment.

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I like them a lot, so I do. I wonder if the pattern could be adjusted so that they could be made for adults...

Kiwi Trevor's picture

Great idea and thought ----perhaps could be a project I look at in the future-------:-)

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Baby will look great!

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Very adorable. That version looks better than other examples I've seen. Must be the quality of the yarn. As to an adult size...I think I read somewhere that there is such a version. Might be interesting to find out. Congrats.

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