English Crystal Shawl

I started this quite a bit ago but just finished it this week. The pattern is English Crystal by Marianne Kinzel. I used Jamieson and Smith Lace Weight Shetland wool and 5mm needles. I did an 8 stitch sideways border (k 2, yo k2tog, k to end on each row) and scalloped it during the blocking process. It measures 68 inches square and it took 175 gms. A gift for my niece.

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That is a lovely bit of lace, Ron. I thinnk it safe to say that your niece is going to enjoy it.

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Lucky niece! And I think your sideways border is a great improvement!


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That is outstanding.

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Excellent looking lace Ron, and J&S is just the yarn for it.

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Beautiful lace work. I hope she appreciates both the item and the work you put into it.

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This really is nice Ron....where did you get the pattern, on line?

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It is from the "First Book of Modern Lace Knitting" - which is no longer modern as it was published in the 50's.

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Exquisite work. I love Shetland, and recently I acquired a bunch of Shetland lamb thinking lace weight yarn. Do you know a wpi on the yarn you used?

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I checked on Ravelry and they did not have the wpi count with that yarn. I tried to do it myself and only did it over 2 inches and it looks like it averaged 37 wraps per inch. I don't think I have worked with a yarn that I liked any better than this and am actually planning to do a vest out of it with perhaps 2.5 or 2.75 mm needles. Thanks