What is your favourite method of nupping?


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in the round ;
make the nupp (k1,O) repeated + 1 k1 into a single stitch
and on the next round you slip half the stitches, knit the other half together and pass the slipped stitches over.

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That's new to me. I am going to try it. Thanks.

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Just say NO to nups! LOL. If you really want them and are knitting flat, do yourself a favor and learn to knit back backwards. Google it and you will easily find many how to's. It is also the only way, as far as I'm concerned, to do entraloc.

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Making the nupp on the right side and purling through all the loops on the wrong sides works best for me.

I have tried making nupps on the wrong side and knitting through the loops tbl on the next row. The nupps look just as fine and knitting the loops is a bit easier than purling them - but I find it a lot more difficult to see where to make them on the wrong side.


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Easy Nupp with crochet hook found here.

Nupp Stitch


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With a large glass of hard liquor close at hand...

But seriously, folks...

I struggled with it for a while; instructions say to make the loops loose but they don't say how to make them loose enough. I knit Continental. What worked for me was to hold the yarn drawn through the stitch against the right needle with my index finger as I go back for the next loop. Otherwise, pulling the next loop through tends to tighten the loop taken previously, resulting in a too-tight set of loops, frustration, and binge-drinking. :) But when the loops are loose enough, there's really not much difference between 7 loops of lace-weight yarn and a single loop of heavy yarn. Maybe I should make a video to make it clearer.

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I learned by watching the DVD that came with my copy of "Knitted Lace Of Estonia" by Nancy Bush. Also practice making them on a swatch until you find that you're comfortable with them. She does a great job of demonstrating the technique which is very much as Bob described it. I'd recommend picking this up if making lace shawls is of interest to you as it is a great resource. I actually found that once I practiced enough and felt confident about making them, I really enjoyed them.

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I have actually nupped a lot. I do them the old fashioned way of making the extra stitches on the right side and purling them (or knitting them) together on the reverse. However, some people have explained other methods they use and I was just interested in how you guys did yours.

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Yes, I do the same thing. I haven't tried anything else, though I have seen a video on the crochet hook technique as well as splitting the nupp loops in half and doing them in two parts. I say whatever method gets you the end result you're looking for is the right one!