Elektra Shawl

This is a shawl by the designer Romi (Rosemary) Hill. I always find her patterns a breeze to follow. It was knit using 8/2 variegated Tencel along with a single strand of cream colored rayon. It has 6/0 seed beads that follow the line of increases and also surrounding the larger three triangles at the bottom.

This shawl was given to a friend of mine, Vonnie, who was a foster mother of four children aged 14-5. She and her husband were planning to adopt all four children; however, the week before Christmas she and her husband were told (among a couple of other things) that a "more culturally relevant" family (my friend is Caucasian and the children were Hispanic) was found to adopt the children so after over six months with them they were taken by the court (the day before Christmas) and given to a new family. Vonnie and her husband were heartbroken. So, I prayerfully knit this for her hoping it would provide comfort. (As an aside I wonder if the judge would have gotten away with using those words had the situation been reversed?) I also knit a Noro stripe scarf (Brooklyn Tweed's pattern) for her husband.


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Very nice!

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Love Romi's designs!
Do you know she has a ravelry group?

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Just Beautiful.

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Beautiful work, made even more so by the heart and soul that was put into it's construction in and effort to bring warmth and comfort. I hope it fills its purpose.

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Sometimes I think out social services cause more problems then they solve.

My neice; after 18 months of fosterage for 3 sibs has finally received permission to APPLY for adoption...

Hopefully they will not have to jump through as many hoops to get the kids adopted as they have had to while the kids were in fostercare...

among other stupidities...they were forced to replace their furnace in JULY when the model was going on sale in september; well before the heating season.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yeah - know just what you mean. My friend was required to "board-up" the front of their gas fireplace because someone could get burned, yet the grill and stove were fine...guess you have to eat but keeping warm is an option!


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Lovely shawl Rick. One does wonder about the courts sometimes.

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Very lovely design. I hope it helps your friend find peace...that was a silly decision on the part of the judge.

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Lovely shawl, sad story. Hmm... "culturally relevant" - code for ethnicly pure - fascism lives.

This is a beaautiful shawl and a very heartfelt gift which I hope brings comfort to your friend. The social workers in England are just as stupid and in addition to the ethnicity argument will also tell you that you are too fat, smoke, have a faith, or are just too much of a solid citizen. When will they understand that a child's first need is a loving family?