The Brethren Sock

Just want to say how much I'm enjoying the knitting of our very own Mill's pattern - "The Brethren Sock". Thanks, Mill, for the great pattern.

It took several starts - 3 times for the start; 3 times for the cables, and one big "Rip and Start Over". That was after I finished the heel turn and gusset on the sock and tried it on, finding it was too small. Even with the correct size needle. So, I began again on size 3 dpns.

One thing learned - Check your gauge very carefully. I thought it was doing okay but found it wasn't. Plus, to be fair, I knit a tighter gauge on my regular socks than some prefer so I figure I was snugging the yarn a bit on the #2s to mimic that.

However, this pattern is a great delight to knit up and I'm getting lots of positive feedback from the people who see me working on it. Of course, my cables twist the reverse of the prototypes - left-handed knitter - but that only makes the sock more unique. In fact, I plan to knit more pairs and will probably do one pair right-handed just to see how I fare with it.

I encourage all of you to give it a try. And your purchase fees go to support the Men's Knitting Retreats.


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Way to be. I bet it was fun knitting. It is on my list. Doesn't it break your heart to rip when you are half way there?

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Well, I always tell my friends and students that they can't be afraid to rip. I just had to live up to my own advice. After all, a sock isn't nearly as drastic as the time I ripped back an entire afghan because I wasn't happy with the finished result. LOL My one sister was horrified. I've just begun the gusset on the current sock and will try it on soon. Should fit though...the sock goes over my clenched fist okay, which is a folklore measure to ensure proper fit around the arch/instep.

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