1st Grandchild due next month!

Is this colorful or what? While certainly not colors I would have chosen my son & daughter-in-law picked these for me to use to knit this blanket.

The pattern is called "Petunia Baby Blanket" from Caron.com. It calls for the pattern to be worked as a drop stitch; however, the drops are quite large in some places so I worked it using the Fair Isle technique to avoid having my new granddaughter getting her fingers & toes caught. I've never done Fair Isle before so doing it and locking in each stitch took a bit of fiddling to get the hang of. But now that it's done it looks beautiful and I'd certainly be up for doing another like this (but different colors please!).


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It's wonderful!
...and the baby will love the cheerful colours!

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Though I agree that it is colorful and not with hues I would have chosen, it is beautiful work. Congrats on bothe the blanket and the grandbaby

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Bet it would be stunning in earth tones, or blue/greens

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Looks Great!! I don't mind the colors..nice change from what we know as the standards..

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I think it looks great. I noticed when I worked in the yarn shop that young mom and dad's where going for more strange (to me) colours. At 65 I am caught in the green/yellow syndrom. I am sure the baby will love it. Congrats on a beautiful knitted item and the new grandchild.

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At 57 I'm caught in the primary colors syndrome...that bright olive green is just too much for this oldster!


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Congrats on the new baby and the afghan. The colors are definitely going to be visually stimulating for a newborn and older child. Enjoy the delights of grandparenting. Think of all the goodies you can knit!

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I'd love to do that but...my grandchild will be leaving the for Papua New Guinea as soon as the visa/passport arrives. So while she's due the end of February their plan is to leave by May. Since they live there full-time anything knitted soon rots in the humidity. Oh well...what I'm really hoping for is someone will plant a satellite nearby so we can Skype and keep up on her growth!


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Congratulations on the new grandchild. The colors in the blanket are wonderful. I love it that the combination is unique.

Keep up the good work.