Boxer briefs

Hello to all and a happy new year!

After lurking around here for a while, I decided to share with you my first mostly self-designed piece of probably rather useless clothing. Even using a rather thin micro-fiber acrylic yarn, the knitted garment turned out thicker than I though, so expect for the coldest winter days, I doubt that the briefs will be used very much :) I also only had the waist measurement as a starting point, so I underestimated the required slack for the hip and the thighs. At least I know where to "optimize" in a second attempt.

I'll see if I get to writing down the knitting instructions for this one, if someone is interested. The legs and the upper part are joined similar to the sleeves/body join in a raglan jumper and then I simply added some room for the front equipment and reduced slightly from the hip up to the waist rib.

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Nice I like the pattern work.

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holy cow that's awesome! i'd love to get the instructions for this if possible. it seems like a fun project to tackle

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Thanks! I'll see if I can pull myself together to write a pattern and post it on

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Those shorts are really nice. I'm trying to build my technique enough to make some shorts like that except for maybe without the color work (only because I'm not ready to try color work yet).

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Don't worry. You need a little practice to keep the tension when working with two yarns, but otherwise the colour work is not as difficult as it looks.

I've found this little utility to be very helpful keeping the yarns apart. I'm not sure if Prym products are easily available everywhere, but perhaps you can find something similar at your local yarn dealer:

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Hi Tor,
The Prym utility looks interesting. Could you take a picture of yourself using it and do a close-up so we can see it being used? That would be a really big help. It looks nifty. I wonder if it would work with intarsia color work knitting, and perhaps double knit projects. I have a friend in stationed in Afghanastan and his wife is living on a base in Germany. Since the thimble is sold in Germany, maybe she can find it there and send some to me. I will let everyone know if she can and I can sell them to you for what I pay.

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I found this short video on Youtube showing how it is used:

I'm holding the knit-work slightly different, but basically the yarn is lead through the small loops to keep the strands apart.

Although a different brand on the label, I found probably exactly the same product from LoRan here on Amazon:

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Hi Tor,
The Prym utility looks interesting. Could you take a picture of yourself using it and do a close-up so we can see it being used? That would be a really big help. It looks nifty. I wonder if it would work with intarsia color work knitting, and perhaps double knit projects.

I found them sold on for a couple dollars.



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Oh yes, we have those things here in the states, though I don't know if they're made by Prym. They're very ingenious, though I prefer the two handed method myself. I think Boye might make them or something like it, that looks like a thimble . I have one around the house some where, but didn't really care for it, for my finge was too fat for it.


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Nice looking shorts Tor, I think you've done a great job on them. Is there elastic at the top?

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Thank you! Yes, the orange rib is double and folds around a 1 1/4" elastic band.

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Great work! I like the pattern and the overall look is very pleasing.

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These are to nice to hide under clothing, what a great job! Love the colour work.

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Very nice work, Tor. You did a great job with these. Do they fit comfortably?

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Thank you very much. They were unfortunately a little bit too small for the intended wearer, but after I promised to knit a new, slightly larger pair, he gave them to his brother, who was also very keen on them :) The fabric turned out to be less elastic than I expected, so for the briefs to fit tight, but not too tight, I wonder if not both thigh, hip and waist measures must be considered in the stitch count ...

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Those are very valid points as to fit and comfort. I almost always design things as I'm knitting them because that's the way my mind works. I may have a general idea sketched out - or in mind - but the actual knitting is what makes it all come together. That's why I write lots of notes. Thanks for sharing.

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awesome work/ i noted you comment about elasticity in knits. its common in garments of this type to add elastic to the legs too. you have a vary percises gage out standing.

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I am not sure if that was clear, but I used an additional elastic band around the waist (between the folded rib). In the legs, I suppose the rib knit should allow enough elasticity without any further support.

I am also not sure if it's just an imaginary effect, but I have the impression that the elasticity of knitted garment depends a lot on the yarn surface. A smoother (or more slippery) yarn seem to yield a more elastic fabric, perhaps because the yarn can move more easily in the stitches?

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possibly I'm not sure? I tend to think the stretch has allot to do with gage and how tightly you knit. Going down one size needle wise can help with tension on a ribbed section. One of the things i tend to think is important is how good are we at construction. I have sewn for many years fit is always the meager consideration. I have noted that many knitters do not have much skill in this area. using a crosa (sorry for the spelling I'm Dyslexic) cast on is good as you can fit the chain around that part of the body and get a really good sens of how snugly it fits right at the edge from the vary first row. What do you do for the cast one size? I'm a some what limited knitter as i am allergic to wool and only work in a few types of thread Alpaca, cashmere, Cotton, Linen and a few other vary soft fibers.
So im not sure about threads that slip on them selves?

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Terrific Job!
Projects like this are excellent for someone like me. I want to start making wearable clothing; one can only make so many flat things and hats. While I'm sure there are some difficult ins and outs in the pattern, but if you write them with those of us who are relatively new in mind, that would be great. I do a lot of hiking and in the winter here in the Chicago, IL, USA, even lined pants get a bit chilly. These look even warmer than flannel boxers would be, and a lot more fun to wear. Even though you say yours are a bit small, I think I would enjoy wearing one made a little snug for support and for a cleaner fit under jeans with a bit more room in the seat and front. If you ever put it in a pattern, please let us know. I think they would be fun to make and wear. I have shown them to a few friends with whom I hike and they said they'd love them as well.
Again, well done!


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Tor, you did a great job designing these shorts! I really like the looks of them, and they're kind of sexy! I definitely think you should write up a pattern for them. I bet they would be a big hit on Ravelry. The way they are, they would make great sleeping shorts.

You said that you had a problem with the thickness, maybe try going down to a fingering/sock weight yarn would be better. Also for the elasticity issues, I don't think microfiber acrylic would be the best choice, and I think the acrylic would cause a moisture issue as well. Since acrylic doesn't wick away moist. I would suggest a nice wool yarn for the elasticity issue, but then that might get a little toasty. Maybe a good cottton/wool blend? That way you'd get the moisture wicking effects of the cotton, and the elastic qualities of wool. Superwash would probably ideal too, since I don't think anyone really wants to handwash their knickers. I wonder if there is a good cotton/superwash wool fingering weight yarn out there some where.... mostly all I find here in Ohio is superwash/nylon sock yarn in fingering weight.


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Wow, really nice work! I hope you'll keep us informed about the pattern/instructions. I was also wondering if you took photos of the back side?

Thank you for sharing!

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Yes I would be very much interested in purchasing a pattern if you publish it

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Tor, great job on the shorts. They look very hot and quite sexy. The pattern and color combination is wonderful. I would definitely wear a pair. Keep up the great work.

Take pics wearing your projects. :-) Looking forward to the pattern. Hopefully my knitting knowledge will be up to par.

Happy New Years!!

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Tor - these are simply awesome.

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Those look great! I'm slowly building up my collection of handknit wool underwear, and I'd totally try these in wool. These would be great for wearing around the other half's apartment. I'm joining the ranks of people interested in the pattern.

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Would LOVE a pattern for this! These look AWESOME. Even without the color work, a pattern for this would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Wow!!! Very nice work and very impressive, too.

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boxershorts NIce work
really nice work and handsome as well - want that pattern to to knit my own Herbie