Hats and Handbags

You might enjoy looking at this on line exhibit of Hats and Handbags by friends and students of Prudence Mapstone.


Wonderful colourful work!



Hi, I am Morgan and I new to the group. I live in silver Spring, Maryland and am a gay male knitter.

I love to knit and am learning different stitches. I started a scarf in Bee Stitch, one in rib stitch, one in basketweave stitch. I have a mohair scarf and a Iceland lopi wool scarf in to be done in four colors.

I started 7 months ago knitting in earnest and had have various women show me knitting, my latest teacher is a man who teaches in a local arts and crafts store. I took his first level knitting class, and plan to take his second level knitting class.

I hoping to eventually lovingly knit for a future boyfriend of good gay husband material.