"I'm so excited."

The Pointer Sisters song title says it all. Less than 24 hours until Quinton and I leave for Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat. [Thanks, Q, for being the transportation.] I'm almost beside myself with anticipation and hope I sleep tonight. It's been a long year since this was first brought up and only 4 months since we sent in our fees but, now ..... It Is Happening! Can you tell I'm all agog with this? [I must be - I'm usually much more sedate when posting.] Anyhow, I don't know if I'll have access to a computer during the retreat but I probably won't have much time to be here anyhow. All I know is that the weekend will go by way too fast...but make a lot of memories. See you later.


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I give up prepping and need a bit of sleep. If i can calm down myself. See tou all tomorrow!