Looking for an easy blanket pattern

Hey I am just getting into knitting though I have not started yet. I have been searching for a pattern for a blanket just one color and all I can ever find are baby blankets. I want a blanket you cover up with I mean not talking about something that would cover a bed. But like a good sized throw. But so far nothing. I was told also that circular needles were good for blankets because of the number of stitches than straight needles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Being new to knitting, if I were you, I would just do a garter stitch blanket (knit every row). It would do wonders for your stitch consistency. But if that is way too boring, a bunch of patterns can be found here:

I quickly looked at a bunch of the patterns found on the above site and selected a few that would be quite easy ...

Softee Chunky Twists - Cable Blanket

Softee Chunky Twists - Ribbed Blanket

Chunky Blanket

Good luck. Happy knitting!

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Thank you so much for your help and the websites you mentioned really helps me a lot.

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Don't despair if all you can find are baby blankets. Just like cooking, you're just knitting, it's not like taking a cruise on the Titanic or getting a tattoo. If you see a pattern you like, go to a heavier yarn (sport to worsted, perhaps) and larger needles, or double or triple the cast-on stitches or add more repeats of the basic pattern, instead of adding the colors in the pattern, use all one color....Just about anything can be adapted. Go to the library and get a book on knitting and illustrated stitch patterns. Find one that you like, look for how many stitches it takes to make one repeat and use a multiple. If you have questions, use Ravelry or ask the members here, they're always full of ideas and tips (being full of tips isn't the same as being tipsy, but I digress...). Practice making a test swatch first. See how it looks and feels. Is it too solid-tight/lacy-limp for your taste? Does the yarn feel too scratchy? Is the pattern too complicated or too boring? You might even find an interesting dishcloth pattern and knit 5 or 6 across separated by a few stitches of garter stitch as a border/separator to cut down on the curling you get with stockinette. Don't be afraid to experiment. And most of all, take pictures and post them here. We love to see whatever someone is making.

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yup adaptation is the key - the HemLock Throw is very popular as an afghan type throw - and that was originally a doily.

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I realize that I am bit late on this discussion however, this is also a good simple pattern that will make a nice throw.