Quick Shawl

I mentioned that I was knitting a shawl while I had guests from Canada. I used left over Briggs and Little fingering weight wool and edged it with some old Kroy sock yarn that had been hanging around for years. I used a 5mm needle. In all, I used about 350 gms of wool. It is a square of 64 inches. I finished it off with a variation of MMario's. I did a few rows of YOK2tog and on the last row I knit and purled into each of the YO's. I then did his stretchy bind off. On the shawl itself, I did YOK2tog every tenth row to add some interest. I blocked it yesterday and a niece immediately claimed it. It is a good size and when opened more than covers a double bed. I really like these shawls as I can chat, watch soccer games, movies, etc. while doing them and they are warm and useful. I spent about 2 weeks of on and off knitting.

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I like the colour combo....

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Beautiful, Ron! I really like it. And along with MMario I like the color combination. I'm getting more and more intrigued by the shawl thing. How long was the needle you used? Did you use a 60" circular?

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I started out with 8 st on 4 dp's and soon switched to a 16" circular and then to a 24" circular. At the end I had over 1000 stitches and they all fit on the 24" needle.

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Really nice shawl Ron, and good colours also.

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Good job. I especially find the edging interesting. Can you explain how you completed the edging? Just curious. Have a great holiday. And enjoy using your completed shawl.....Cullen

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I YOK2tog a whole round then knit a plain round twice. I then YOK2tog for one round and then on next round I k and p in each yo. I, therefore, increased the stitch count by half as many. Then I did MMario's stretchy bindoff - knit 2 *replace onto left needle, knit 2 tog tbl, knit one*

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Beautiful work! I'm still at the scarf, hat, and washcloth stage, but I'll get to where you are someday! Until then, you remain a true inspiration. Well done. Happy New Year.

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Thank you. Believe me, Mark, this is no more difficult than a scarf.

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Or you could consider it a really BIG washcloth....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Very nice Ron, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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I hear it is WINTER in Nova Scotia. Hope you are enjoying it.