Knitting Group in Boston Area?

Hello, fellow knitting dudes.

I was wondering if anyone knows of knitting groups (men only, or not) in the Boston area. I saw a post about "Knitting Gentlemen of Boston" but it was a few years old. Does anyone know if that group still meets? Other groups?

I'm in Somerville.


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Common Cod Fiber guild?

If they don't have one - I'm sure they know where there are groups located.

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Thanks! Definitely going to check out a Common Cod event or two, and see what they know about knitting groups in Boston.

Meanwhile, I've also found the Nine Inch Needles:

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NiN definitely meets, Jimmy. AND it's in your town!! We meet every Monday night in Davis Square at Diesel Cafe. We're the boys in back with the needles! Come join us.