I just can't get enough sox.

It's come to that. I've been digging through my box of old sweaters and socks to repair. I'm turning old holey sweaters into socks so I can work outside with toasty feet. I've been felting and sewing sleeves for the foot and ankle parts, picking up stitches for the calf and the garter band at the top, and the heels which I'm turning. It's a learning process. BUT, the rainy days have been great for clearing the repair log. I've darned 4 pairs of wool socks, 3 sweaters, and a scarf.

Get this: So, as most of you know, I live in the country on an island North of Portland. I was going through my woolens checking to make sure that I didn't have any moth problems from the summer (a couple repairable bits...fuckety fuck! I hate the little bastards: I'm buying 20 of those big tupperwear bins for my yarn and woolens.) I've discovered that I can kill moth eggs or catapillars hiding in skeins by misting them, and nuking them (carefully!) for a minute or so, until they are very hot and steamy. This doesn't work on old fashioned wound balls... THE CENTERS BURN!!! Anyhoo, I was going through my linens where I keep a beautiful alpaca/mohair shawl, and as I pull it out, SUNFLOWER SEEDS fall out of it. I'm, of course, mortified, expecting HUGE UNREPAIRABLE MOUSE HOLES. Nope, about 3 broken stitches in the whole huge thing, no mouse poop, no pee smell. (I'm going to wash everything in the drawer regardless). I'm just really fascinated how sunflower seeds ended up in the bureau NEXT TO MY BED IN MY BEDROOM. That's an awful long distance to travel from the neighbor's feeder. I just LOVE living in the country!

I'll try to post my engineered sock experiment results soon.


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I can't wait to see these socks... they sound interesting!

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What a great way to up cycle

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.