XRX Scholarship To Attend Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2010

Hello Gentlemen,

My name is WonderMike and I produce the Fiber Beat podcast (fiberbeat.com & on iTunes) as well as coordinate the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat. I just published episode #10, "Let's Shear It For The Boys" which is all about the Men's Knitting Retreat phenomenon and about the fall event in particular. I speak with attendees, coordinators, & sponsors of past and upcoming retreats. I also announce a scholarship to attend provided by XRX, Inc. (see below).

This year the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat will be returning to beautiful WA, just outside of Seattle at Dumas Bay Centre. The retreat dates are September 16-19, 2010. We do have a few paid spots still available, but I wanted to share with you an additional exciting opportunity to attend.

XRX, Inc. (Stitches creators/coordinators, Knitters magazine publisher, & publishing house) have generously offered to fund a scholarship that would include all retreat fees plus $400 for travel and transportation. All that you need to do is recommend/nominate someone that you think would be enjoy the experience. You can nominate a friend, a family member or yourself. The nominee must be a man and over 21 years of age. Please confirm that your guy has agreed to be entered into the nomination process. A sample nomination can be found on the Fiber Beat website (fiberbeat.com) and on the Ravelry Fiber Beat group (http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/fiber-beat/1234196/1-25#2). And that is where you can leave your nominations, too.

One scholarship recipient will be selected from all the nominations by a panel of Men’s Knitting Retreat coordinators (Joe Wilcox, Ted Myatt, James Herbison & myself). DEADLINE FOR ENTERING IS August 6, 2010.

If you have any questions you can contact here, on Ravelry or at my gmail account:
mikealanwade (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks very much for your time and I hope to see you in September for the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat!

Michael aka WonderMike

smalltownknitguy's picture

How do I get someone to nominate me? I am on the east coast in NC.

WonderMike's picture

Russellboyd56, you can nominate yourself. Go for it!!!

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Thanks, do I just write a blurb at the Ravelry page under the "Russell Crowe" example? Do it as a Reply?