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Ok . . . I'm sitting here in St. Louis, Missouri and I'm jealous! I read messages about groups getting together in SF and NY and I wonder how I might get something going here. There are a number of 'stitch 'n bitch' groups that meet in various parts of the city, but they're all women. I'd love to get a group going for men. I know there are men who knit here--I've seen them in yarn shops! If anyone has any ideas of how I might go about getting something started, I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

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Post an invitation at your local yarn shop. All you need to decide is when and where. Coffee shops are great, especially if they have comfy couches and chairs. And good lighting is important. And if you don't knit in public, you should start. Go get a cup of coffee somewhere, sit down and start knitting. Eventually, some guy will come up and express and interest or say, 'Hey, I knit, too!". To which you reply, "Really?! That's great! Let's get together and knit sometime!" You could also put up fliers at your local coffee shops. has a St. Louis site as well...although it's not well-trafficed, but you can try posting there under commmunity. also has a forums page where you could post an invitation.

And, of course, if you're seeing the men in the yarn shops, you should talk to them. Ask them if they ever knit with other guys and if they're interested in doing so.

Your most important marketing tool is your knitting. Guys are still freaked out about knitting in public, for some reason.

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I'm in the process of making up Men Who Knit flyers to post in local yarn shops and would be happy to make the logos available to anyone who would like to start a local chapter in their neck of the woods... or corner of the 'hood.

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

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That would be fantastic. Can you send it via email? Thanks!

You might go to and post there asking if there are local men who knit that would be interested in starting a group with you.  It is a great forum and very popular so you'd be likely to find more local people there.