Almost done ...

Well, I have calculated all the formulas I need to do a braid of any number of strands - provided I have a long enough cable needle - and am now writing an ebook to untangle cables (yes, pun intended). I have a new post up on my blog about it and knitted a sample of two Barrington Braids (8 strands) going into a 16 strand then back to two 8 strands. I'm planning on charting a Matrix that will do a 24 or 32 strand braid and include all the braids below it. Then I'm finally going to work on all the uneven ones, starting at 7. Here's a picture of the last one before blocking and the post is up at my site - here's the direct link -
Here's a pic of the full braid and the back of it while in progress ...

Hugzzz 8-)

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oh crap! You've just suggested about 3 gazzillion new designs for shawls and afghans to my brain.....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Really gorgeous and intriguing! I've got a hunch that most of us are analytical artists.

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ROFLMAO! Yeah, that's what I said when Karen suggested thickening the strands - suddenly all the ideas I had were multiplied to the nth degree! I'll be anxious to see what you come up with Mario!
Hugzzz 8-)