The obiligatory BSJ...

Okay...not my favorite thing to ever do! I had to break down and bought the video to explain the markers (who knew EZ meant to mark THE STITCHES and NOT put them on the needles!!).

I wanted to put a collar on it but I was worried it wouldn't fit around a baby's neck! My friend is having her first baby and I've already explained to her she has to have a preemie just so my sweater would fit! Seems like the easiest solution!

Off to make her first baby girl a camoflauge blanket - only in Alaska can you get away with giving it to a baby girl!

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Great colors and I love the teddy bear buttons. Good job!!!

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Very cute! Welcome to the BSJ club!

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Great looking sweater and they are addictive.

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Awwwww, thems so cuuuuutes! I just got the pattern 2 weeks ago and am trying to build up enough courage to start. Glad you mentioned marking stitches and not just putting them on the needles. I'd have put them on the needles fer sure. Beautiful job and such darling teddy bear buttons.

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John there are some great YouTube videos in a series of 6 (I think) explaining all about the marker placement and answers lots of questions you may have when you read the pattern. They're really awesome and you can see the visual progress with each video.


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Really nice job, love the colors and those bear buttons are adorable.

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Beautiful work! I love the color. I loved making the BSJ and I'd like to make another. My partner's sister and her husband would like to have another child soon so that may end up being my reason.

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That's so cute. One of these days I'll join the BSJ club.

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Very nice work and the buttons are fantastic. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.