Chat Problems?

I have no idea how or why folks are being denied access to the chat page specifically as there are no controls to limit access at that level.

Having said that, the chat room itself is hosted by Meebo and you can access it directly here: It runs nicely in its own tab!

I'm wondering if the "Access Denied" message is actually being returned by Meebo or something. If someone could send me a screen shot of what they're seeing, that would help me figure it out.

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It's working for me again, too. Thanks, Darrel!

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I keep getting a "Username Not Allowed" message, which is probably a Meebo message telling me I can't be Queer...should I change my screen name to OddJoe? :)

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Don't change a thing!
you're wonderful just as you are!
(...maybe ExtraordinaryJoe ? )

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Carolyns Yarns

Hi I'm new to Men Who Knit -- I tred to find a help link to learn how to submit a picture of a sussful piece -- thanks to MWK for the help -- but still don't know how.

Got my Stupa Hat up in minutes tho -- hope you enjoy it.

--Carolyns Yarns

Carolyns Yarns

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I've found the easiest and most effective way is to attach it to your post as a FILE not a photo...and let people click on the link.

This makes loading much faster for people on slow connections (there are more of us then you would think)
has less hassles then trying to load it as a photo

and means you don't have to learn the html to link into the text of your post.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation