How big is your stash?

So yesterday I organized my stash and you can read about it on my blog ( and now I'm wondering about other stashes. What does your stash look like? Do you find your stash grows because you never really have the yarn you want or you're planning something when you're in the store but when you get home you get sidetracked and the yarn gets put away ... maybe to be lost in the depths of your basement? How big is too big? At what point do you say enough and stop adding to the stash? Let me know - I'd really like a guy's point of view because we all know women are collectors by nature (shoes especially). Thanks for your input.
The picture is of my now organized stash -- 14 60L bins, 1 large potato sack 0f 80 skeins of pure natural wool, 3 vacuum bags of merino/wool combo (50 skeins), and 8 large ziplocs with yarns slated for specific projects.

Hugzzz 8-)

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Sixteen 60L bins, and more to be sorted.
All wool or wool blends. More than I can knit in what's left of my lifetime...and yet I'm still planning projects that require something I don't have. Much of my wool is on cones. I like to combine several strands of finer weight yarns as I knit.

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Stash size...hmmm...I guess I'd say I'm glad to see the picture of yours so that I'm not too worried about whether mine is unreasonable.

I have a bunch of storage drawers from Ikea that line the wall of my craft area that are pretty much full of yarn, loosely organized by weight. They also contain roving that is to be spun into yarn (fetal yarn, so to speak).

My thought is that when I find a yarn I like at a fiber fair or yarn store, I will purchase approximately enough to make an extra-large man's sweater. I rarely purchase yarn for a specific project...although sometimes I have a vague idea of what it will become.

This stashed yarn gets pulled out when I am looking for inspiration for a new project.

If you add in my stash of knitting books, magazines, pamphlets, web print-outs, needles, project bags, crochet hooks, antique sock knitting machines, stitch markers, tape measures, etc., etc., it is obvious I have a bit of an obsession. Suffice it to say, I hope that when I die that some lucky knitter gets invited to my house to take over all that's there.

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Oh goodness. You know those common veneer bookshelves that you can find at any wallmart, target, etc: about a foot deep and 7 feet tall? I have SIX of those PACKED cheek by jowl with yarn, yarn on top of them, yarn in bags around them...and don't get me started on fleece and top waiting to be spun. I have to do inventory this spring...clean out what I will never use, check for dust or damage, and organize my stash so I actually KNOW WHAT I HAVE.

One of the nice things is that it's in main part of my room, so I see it every day. Who needs paintings when you have colourful yarn staring at you, just waiting to be knit into gorgeous garments.

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......and I was concerned about my 2 60L there an emoticon for gob-smacked!!!

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I'd be afraid to bring all my stash together; I suspect it might reach critical mass.

I just added three more skeins of lace and 5 skeins of sock yarn....and I have 20 something lbs of laceweight on the 8 kilos of shetland fingering....and all the stuff I inherited from Betsy.....

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Could be a great source of energy if we can figure out a way to convert our cars.

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I honestly don't know.

I have yarn all over the apartment and haven't put it all in one place -- ever.

You see, that's a tactic that I learned when I was with my ex (who controlled where the money was spent) when he saw that my stash was getting low, he'd let me have a few bucks to get a few more skeins and he knew that I kept knitting and knitting and knitting, but, I kept a few skeins here and there all around the house so that it looked like my big boxes of yarn were dwindling down...

...and I had that GEM of a Freecycle find a couple of years ago...

...but I can say that I'm much happier dwindling my acrylic down much quicker and replacing it with naturals.

I've got about half of a 5x15 room filled with boxes stacked upon each other. I'm the epitome of some proverbial old lady who owns a long-ago-far-away craft and yarn shop and will go the extra five minutes un-stacking boxes just to find a single skein of yarn just to re-stack them again: a place for everything and everything in its place.


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Interesting- booted the BF, kept the yarn.

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Before I rid myself of all non-natural fibers mine was close to yours. I use to shop sales at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and WalMart but then I bacame a member here and got uppity about my yarn and gave all the acrylic and that hideous novelty yarn away. My natural fiber stash is only a couple of years old but my husband thinks it's enormous - he hasn't see yours of course, lol. I'm into lace and socks so I have lots onesey and twosey skeins in fingering, DK, and sport weight. If I see something that I think I would like to make a shawl from I usually get 1500 - 2000 yds worth. Sometimes I buy something for a specific project and by the time I get around to it I can't remember what the project was. I still like to check out the sale rack but at the LYS not the WalMart. If I'm traveling I can't resist locally produced stuff so that gets added and sometimes I just feel like buying pretty yarn - I know I'll use it some day. Yarn is like currency for me, I sell a lot of what I do and I also gift a lot of it so none of it goes to waste. My attempts at organizing my yarn never work so I just keep it in a selection of baskets and bins - basically it's part of the decor of my house, I like to see and touch it. Is there anything more beautiful then a hank of hand painted marino or a basket full of Noro Silk Garden in a variety of color ways, or skeins of alpaca in natural brown ready to be balled up?

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I have one walk in closet filled. I have two of those metal racks in the closet and baskets full of "Future" projects on every shelf. I have now run out of space there and it's flowing over to totes in the garage. I did do a major purge last weekend and I am now acrylic free.

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Congratulations on being acrylic free!! Purging is a huge step towards recovery.

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I don't like the idea of stash- for some reason having stash makes me uneasy. I periodically make it go away, but it always creeps back- weird.

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Size queens!

We live neat and orderly lives (sometimes too neat and orderly) in a small house (962 sq ft) with four dogs. One must be creative when one lives in a small space. Things also have to be put away in this house or the dogs are likely to try and "own" them. My stash is confined to stackable plastic storage drawers in the closet in my office/yoga/craft room. I try not to accumulate more than I can store which isn't as difficult as one might think because we also live on a REALLY tight budget. But I often fail and somehow manage to accumulate yarn faster than I can use it, so I often have to rearrange things in said closet to allow for more yarn storage. Nearing that point right now.

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Aaron, have you considered knitting backpacks for your dogs for mobile yarn storage?

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After seeing your stash and hearing about the other guys stashes, I've got nothing compared to the rest of you guys. Mine is in Longaberger Baskets and paper bags. Anyone willing to share their stash I would be interested. I've always been on the small/short end when comparing to others...

"we all know women are collectors by nature (shoes especially)", Ouch, my fetish is not shoes, in fact I only have 3 pairs but my stash of fibre and yarn..well, I'll post pictures and you can see for yourself. It's not a stash as much as it is an obsession..


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Well, umm, we've got a spare bedroom... we like to call it our "library"... but....
enough said.

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OMG! I am with Kerry - Gob Smacked seems like a good term! I have one tub hidden under the bed with enough wool for my next two projects. We live in a one bedroom apartment and if my stash grew that big I think I would be dealing with a relationship breakdown ;)

Mine is all 100% sheep fluff. Pretty neutral tones too.


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Fortunately my partner is also a knitter, but he doesn't believe in stash. His comprises of a couple of cones of Colourmart laceweight for future projects.

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YOu would think he would be a bit more enlightened, in this day and age....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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When does a stash become a hoard? Some of those “stashes” look majestically dragonesque. And proudly so, it seems! I’ve no doubt they all contain some unbelievable jewels in search of a project.

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I think a hoard means you don't use it...I'm sure we can have tons of long as we occasionally use it...LOL

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I have always been too cheap to ever have a stash. In fact I went to Michael's the other day with a $25 dollar gift card and talked myself out of buying yarn that was on sale. I told myself, "well, you don't really have a project in mind yet so you just better wait." I'm trying to build up my needles first, so I bought some size 8 and 6 bamboo needles and cable stitch needles to replace that which I had either given away or misplaced. Call me crazy, but I walked out of that store with money still left on the card. You can tell I'm still pretty green when it comes to knitting. For me to have a stash half that size is unfathomable.

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I am new to knitting so i only have a small container that was my wifes scrapbook paper keeper.

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You are definitely ready to keep busy if you have to head for an underground shelter! Mine is tiny compared to yours. And they say size doesn't matter. Ha!