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This pattern can be found here - Jaywalkers by Grumperina.

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Entrelac Bag

I had supposedly finished the Market Squares Entrelac Bag way back in June 2005 .... except for the handles. I was too lazy to sit and make I-cords. Besides, I didn't have any short dpns laying around and it was too much of a hassle to make I-Cords with long circulars.

Now almost a year later, I finished the handles and here you go. 

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Knit in Lang Jawoll using the Universal Sock Pattern found on as a very general guide and the cast-on described by Mary English Morrison in her blog.

As soon as I get this photo posted, I'm casting on for another pair in Trekking XXL, my current favorite sock yarn. 

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My first pair of socks, made two years ago. Pattern was basic sock pattern in Knit It magazine, the yarn was Reggia sock yarn. This is what got me hooked on socks.

Also attached are pictures of the same pattern in purple Sockotta and Spiral Ribbed socks in grey varigated Reggia.

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DP Needle Case

Recently, someone asked about storing and organizing DP needles.  I just received this DP case from  It is made of canvas, very sturdy and well-stitched.  It will hold 3 different lengths for each size.  I bought it because the sizes are stamped in both metric and US on each individual sleeve.  The entire case folds up and closes with a tie.  This evening I finally organized all my DP's in this and it's very nice indeed.  I don't use DP's often but it's nice to have them organized for easy access.  And, yup, almost all my DP's are Addi'

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Wavy Poncho

Pattern: from Better Homes & Gardens "Knit It!" magazine from April 2005 (on the cover) "In A Jiffy Poncho"
Needles: Addi Turbo circs size 17 [12mm]
Yarn: Katia "Nepal" 400yds (4 skeins)
Time: About 6 hours

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Felted Clogs "After"

These are the finished felted clogs (men's size 9 u.s.) I am not a very experienced knitter and found these were relatively easy to make and taught me a lot about knitting in the round, picking up stitches, increasing and decreasing and sewing simple seams. Any inconsistencies or mistakes virtually disappear because they shrink so tightly in the washing machine during the felting process. They do take a long time to dry completely (several days). They are knit on circular needles with two strands together. They are very thick and durable and made with a double sole for extra padding and wear. Seude soles can be purchased separately and sewn on after if you want something even sturdier.

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Felted Clogs "Before" Felting

These are a pair of clogs I made "before" felting them. I wanted to show what they look like before and after. They are ridiculously large at this stage. I'm sure people must think I absolutely have missed out on what "Gauge" is when they see these!

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Bed socks

I made these socks for my hubby to wear to bed (gave them to him for Yule). I got the yarn at a thrift store and, get this, the wrapper had a price of $0.44 on each of the skeins! Ugly though they are, they do keep his feet warm. This is my first pair of socks and the most surprising thing to me was that they relaxed so much after washing. I should have made them two inches smaller!

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