Men's Fingerless Gloves

Well, I pulled out the previous 1st finger and added rows to increase the distance between the wrist ribbing and the 1st finger to 4-1/4". Much more confortable.

Men's Fingerless gloves

I'm back and I'm just going to start by asking for help.

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Socks with French heels

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Irish-y Blanket

This is a Blanket I made for my Husband when we first met :)

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Shi Bui Socks

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My Latest...

The Artsy drape of the Hemlock Ring Shawl.

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The First Kerchief

So the project was "Beginner's Basics #3--The Kitschy Kerchief" from Debbie Stoller's Stitch n' Bitch book...well, i didn't like the idea of sewing the ties on so i experimented with simply adding sti

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Change Circle Again

Knitting and phot courtesy of KerowynsMom. Pattern by MMario

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Change Circle Shawl

Change Circle Shawl done by one of my test knitters. I've added the pattern as a file attachment.

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my man bag

Sari Silk and Wool combined

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