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Lucky Victoria Day Socks

This is the first pair of hand-dyed worsted weight socks I've made.

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dual socks

knit up a pair of socks that look different if you have shoes and short pants on or if you have long pants and no shoes
worsted weight 2010

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8yr old socks

for my girl's 8th birthday- she felt like a little rock star

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Summertime Socks

too much wine i thought destroyed the colour plan i had when dying these socks...the next day with a hangover i rinsed and dried the blank- and when i knit them up- they turned out okay
August 2010

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Canadian Socks

she was a proud member of the young liberal party of canada...1989 or so

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New Years Socks

2008 Socks Made from a mix of different worsted weight yarns donated to me.

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First Decent Socks

The first socks I did, I refer to as my "Elephant Socks." These are the first ones that I actually liked; they were a present for a good friend - based on the Thuja pattern.

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Cast on for my first time doing socks

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Selkie Skin Shawl

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Moab Socks

Just finished these for a friends' son. She started them and had completed a few inches of the cuff then handed them off to me to finish. I put them on magic loop and had them done in no time!

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