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I found these ata local bead shop. They're meant for a bracelet's clasp, but they were too beautiful for me to pass up. They just went so well up against the interweaving of tis shaws stitchwork.

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Clasps Up Close

Again, a bit blurry, but hope you can see it well enough.

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Bit blurry, sorry

So, the afternoon light wasn't as good as I thought.

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3Suisse Pattern Book

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Metal Yarn Bowl Prototype #1

Here's the first prototype metal (aluminum) yarn bowl - let me know what you think - these are in the early stages of production and we can still tweak the design a bit.

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me knitting w-pet Ellie mae

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in a kilt with a snowman,,, oh yes and a knitted hat!

it's just to post a pic of the surprise snow this morning...
but I did knit the hat myself!

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Beatrix Potter

This was fun!!!!!!!!



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