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Pinochet and graph

Augusto Pinochet from my evil world leaders series, 2009
very challenging knitting the areas around the eyes as many colour changes (I'll attach a pic of the bobbin-craziness)

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ron and fran

knit my parter's parents in a double portrait
he a doctor of visual arts and she a film maker
they liked it

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George Bush Jr.

from the evil dictator series, 2009

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the first portrait that I knit up in my series of evil world leaders

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Harvey Milk

7th of 9 portraits of leaders for good for a show
knit in worsted weight yarn

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Wall of Friends

1999 Portraits of friends in reclaimed and donated free worsted weight yarns.

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All purl garter stitch

OK, so I keep hearing everybody complain about purling. They don't like to do it, some even avoid any project that has a lot of purl stitches in it.

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Spinning at the Colorado Irish Festival

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James Dean Bag (WIP)

So finally i finished the back piece. No all that's left are the handles and the lining. I'll probably sew in a fabric bag and add some fake handles....

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Yarn Cake from Ace of Cake

If I live to 90, I want this one!

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