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ok, I made this as a gift for my boyfriend's best friend. He's a Mac fanatic and frequently misses dinners and such because he's fallen asleep on the sofa in his office. It's nothing too much, but I think (hope) he'll like it. I'd change a few things if I made it again, but I think the cute & clever aspects of it outrank the slightly flawed execution. The back is mitered squares of grey and white stripes.

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Dishing it Out!

This is my deliverable for the week-- three new dishcloths. The top left is an M&M design that doesn't really show well in the pic but looks fun in person. I'm thinking of making one in each color so that my kitchen drawer will look like a bag of M&Ms!

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Dishcloths Galore!

My newest passion is knitting dishcloths. They're small enough to finish in an evening or two of TV watching, require little monetary investment, present an opportunity to practice new stitches, and the end result is a useful object. I'm finding they're ideal for my attention span and skill level.

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Scrap Blanket center panel

I have been working on a center panel (about 3' x 3') for a scrap blanket - and just finished that part of the piece - it's just plain knit straight across, with a small border, but in the center field of the work I have mixed in hundreds of different scraps - with no plan or scheme, really, other than to try not to get the same color next to itsself. Now that this part is complete, the next step (I think) will be to pick up one side of the piece (probably a right or left side) and go out from there - then do the opposite side, then top and bottom - or maybe like a log cabin.... I'm not sure.

I have plenty of the green "base" yarn left - do any of you have creative suggestions as to what I should do to build on this idea?



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Gregg's Blanket

OK so I kind of only pretend to know how to knit - it's OK though because I find that the majority of people are easy to fool - I make up blankets using lots of different yarns, and just knitting (no patterns!) and quit when I think it's long enough - I'm learning SLOWLY - and most recently (after starting to hang out at a cute local yarn shop owned by an 88 year old lady) began my first sweater.

It's fun and I look forward to being more creative (after learning how to read patterns!

This blanket was for my partner - I made it about a year ago... he loves PURPLE!


Valentine gift/card

I made this potholder as a card for my guy.

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this I made in the summer time for another friend of mine - for her Birthday - she was very happy for it. I found it on the net  at

large work but nice when done 


Not knitted but stitched using up oddments of knitting wool.  Florentine stitch on canvas

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