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Hemp Bookmark

It looks a bit rough, but after a few washes the hemp softens and the tassel frays nicely.

My first wall piece created Two years ago

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Niebling Table Cloth

I made this out of Tencel on a 3 US Needle

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Simple striped holiday stocking

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Crocus Bud Stitch

I've been experimenting with the Crocus Bud stitch and came up with these two dishcloths.

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my gross coloured blanket

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Bee Stitch Dishcloth

Actually this can be a Dishcloth or a washcloth, you take your pick. It is done in Bee Stitch a very hard stitc. Knit 1 stitch and the next is Knit Under.

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Stor Lysedug Off Needles

Finally got the Stor Lysedug doily off the needles last night. Definitely took a while to bind off the more than 1,000 stitches (picot bind off.) Recall I knit it oversized using #9 US circs.

The color of the yarn is actually paler than what shows in the photo.

Now the piece will sit until I have time to block it. Right now, it measures 39" across. I know it'll be much bigger after I block it but don't know how much bigger. I've never really blocked a knitted piece before.

So now onto my other works in progress.

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Two More Cloths

I know, I know. My little cloths don't begin to compare to the elaborate sweaters and other items you gentlemen create. I've tried a sweater and got frustrated. I get bored with a scarf before I'm halfway through. So, these are a great outlet for my knitting frustration until I'm ready to tackle that sweater or pair of socks. Thanks for bearing with me!

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