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Ichida Lace 2

A lace table runner design attributed to Herbert Niebling, but re-published by a man name Ichida.

These are some coasters that I have crocheted.

I really love soind color-work sork of designs or images

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WIP - hammock on shovel handles.

project on hold until next trip to cabin.

Cable Blanket Panel

going to make several of these and stitch em together to make a blanket....

new to knitting, teaching myself how to cable without a cable needle, what ya think?

Finally finished

I finished knitting the squares for this throw last year but have only just gotten around to sewing them together - just in time for our winter.

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"Weave-It" loom lap blanket with knitted triangles border

My grandmother made blankets and pillows using her little "Weave-It" loom, so of course as a child, I learned how to weave on it. Fast forward about 30 years.

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Leaf pattern afghan

This afghan was inspired by a shawl pattern I found on the internet: The tricky part was translating the leaf border to the other edge...

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first crochet project

OK finally, I finished the rug for the kitchen. Now, can I figure out how to post it?

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Grumpy Bumpy's mishap into afgan extraordinare

Here is what happens when your pregnant wife picks out ugly yarn and you are left with it to use.

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