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Magic Scarf

This scarf is make out og some yarn call " Shake yarn" and when it knittet in "rib" its is magic in that way that you can use it as a scarf a stola almost anything .

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Scarves for New Orleans

These are scarves I just made to send to the Bundle Up New Orleans project. The brown one is a moebius scarf and is what I was working on when my tendonitis flared up. I had to finish it while wearing a clunky brace. It's a 100% polyester yarn that I really don't like, but it's easy care and should help keep someone warm. The green scarf is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which is a little better. Made that one on the knitting loom and am working on a companion headband to send with it. It's so chunky that you can't tell it's ribbed - just looks like stockinet on both sides.

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hats, hats, hats

This is the bulk of my Xmas output. Everyone got warm heads except the kids, who got felted alpaca slippers. They're all Reynolds Lopi except the white one, which is Alpaca With a Twist's Big Baby. I had to sleep with the designer to get that yarn. :-D

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Lacy entrelac scarf

I made this scarf from brown sheep wool which I bought at a thrift store. I don't work with wool much, though I love it, so I wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary. The stitch down the center is called "lacy entrelac" by this old stitch dictionary that I have. I added the moss borders and edgings. I'm sorry for the poor contrast in the pic, but I was in a hurry and didn't have time for do-overs. I really don't think the design turned out all that well, but I did learn a great deal by doing it.

Part finished Sanquhar Glove

I've had a similar problem to Lars.  I copied this Sanquhar glove from a tiny photograph using a magnifying glass believe or not (I must get out more...).  Everything was fine until division for the fingers.  Inorder to make the pattern run up the fingers and not to twist around one has to add more stitches than would ordinarily be needed.  Think about it:  the index and little fingers form triangles whereas the middle and ring ringers form squares.  Hence the abandoned glove 'cos you end up with two tight fingers and two baggy ones.

I have since found two useful sites -

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I made this hat overnight (clever, huh?) after searching for a week for the first hat I made (and my favorite).  I fear the first hat is forever gone.  :(

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My Very Own Scarf

When winter set in, I realized I'd given away nearly everything I'd ever knit before. I was going out of town for a wedding and decided I'd knit myself a scarf on the plane. Long and thin, it makes for a nice double-wrap and keeps me very warm. I was too excited to sleep the night before the fight, so I kept the pattern simple...


Socks in Regia Wool

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braided cable hat

first hat of my own design. the cables are different sizes, though it doesn't show too well in the picture. i'm not sure if i like the color combination, what do ya'll think? a friend asked for the pattern (martin webster, to be exact), so i wrote it out. if anyone would like the pattern feel free to ask. i'd be happy for anyone to use it.  i dunno if anyone would want to make it or wear it... but it's here just in case, haha. oh, and thanks to martin for giving me the courage to even post it!

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Hats hats hats

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