Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

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New Guy Who Knit!!!

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2 Faced Monster Hat

I made this to try out Patons VooDoo. Gave it a happy side with black eyes and an angry side with red eyes. The angry side photo is attached.

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Fibonacci Stripe Hat

This was a top-down basic striped hat. I altered the pattern to use the Fibonacci Number pattern (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) and then added some ribbing at the bottom.

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Backyard Leaves

Backyard Leaves

Pattern: Backyard Leaves by Annie Modesitt
Book: Scarf Style
Yarn Brand: Karabella

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Aviator Beanies - Double Moss Stitch

I decided to jump feet-first into the hat knitting-frenzy after being inspired by all the beautiful hats I've seen on MWK recently.  Aaron (AMBush) gets the prize for the most prolific hat knitter!  I've knitted very few hats but I thought I could use some immediate gratification after the jerseys.

These two hats are from the Patons Book 1213 and is the Aviator Beanie done with Inca wool in the double moss stitch.  It knits up very quickly and is very attractive.  The wool is beautiful and soft.  I'd never done this style of hat so it was a learning experience to make the 2 ear flaps and then join them before knitting the hat itself.  I enjoyed these projects.

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Ice Princess Hat

Made this for a friend to fight the chicago winter. Pattern is from one of the Stitch & Bitch books, but we changed the color scheme and took off the odd pointy bit. Worked it from bottom up instead of top down.

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Snail Hat for Dulaan Project

Snail Hat

This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's snail hat (with some minor modifications) made with two strands of Reynolds Lopi knit together. The green looked like ass on its own, but it works well with the blue heather. It's going to be sent to the Dulaan Project to help keep a Mongolian child warm.

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Striped Hat

This is my first hat.  It's made from sport-weight alpaca on 2.5mm (US #1) needles.  The pattern (and yarn) is from Blue Sky Alpacas. 

I had a good time with this project, and started keeping a notebook of gauges and things I've learned while knitting.  Top on the list for this, my first wearable project: even if you get the gauge right and follow the pattern, that doesn't mean it's going to fit!  I'm not sure felting is an option--the green might bleed into the white.  Luckily, I can roll the bottom up (as in the pic) to get a better fit.  

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Bay Scarf

This was my first attempt at "lace".  I had just taught myself to knit and this was my first real project.  Once I got the hang of it I made quick progress. I think it kind of looks like bamboo!

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First pair of fingerless gloves

Here is the first pair of fingerless gloves.  My friend Ken dyed the yarn and I love the way the colors play through.  Keep my hands warm while reading the NYTimes.  Hopefully this will get the picture up to the site.  Still a bit of a dunce when doing this.

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