Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

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Completed Fingerless Gloves

The pattern is "Nicholas's Fingerless Gloves" that I found on Knitting pattern Central.  It's "no-cable-needle" cable was really quite fun to work, and both gloves came together pretty quickly.  This was my first attempt at working glove fingers (I had previously made fingerless "mittens" and regular mittens with just a thumb).  I ended up buying a pair of shorter DPN's in the same size to work the fingers on the second glove and that made things a little easier to handle.  I could just leave the un-needed stitches on their own needles rather than put them on a holder or onto waste yarn while each finger was worked.  I found closing the gap between the fingers a bit tricky (picking up 2 stitches to close gap, and working the ends of the yarn as each new finger was started) but I think I managed it okay.

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Brioche Hat

This is from Melanie Falick's "Weekend Knitting." Originally I was going to knit it with Manos del Uruguay. But the special cast-on was very very difficult to manage. So, I switched to some leftover Plymouth Encore Worsted. It's really a fast knit. I think you can definitely finish it in one weekend. The instruction for decreasing is quite confusing though. If you ever want to knit it and have trouble, let me know. This hat is very stretchy! 

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Chevron Lace Scarf

This is another item for Dulaan Project 2006. The pattern is from Knitters Edge, a paid membership website. It teaches hand knitting and machine knitting. Also has patterns for members, but mostly for children and women. I purchased a membership only because the designer goes to my LYS. Anyway, it was knitted with Brown Sheep yarn. Sorry, I don't know the specifics of the yarn. It was donated by my friend and there was only a small label that said Brown Sheep.

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Some Dulaan Projects

These are some of the stuff that I knitted for the Dulaan Project 2006 (pdf file). The blue hat on the top is a simple hat pattern from Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, knitted with Rowan Big Wool. The pinkish red hat is "Bobbi" from Cathy Carron's Hip Knit Hats, knitted with yarn from Brown Sheep Yarn. At the bottom is Chevron Lace Scarf that was a work in progress at the time. I will post a picture of the finished project next time. All yarn for the Dulaan projects donated by my dear friend Gerald.

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Aran Watch Cap & London Beanie

Here I go again. Two hats knitted in 2005. The one on the left is an Aran Watch Cap from Charlene Schurch's "Hats On!" knitted with Plymouth Encore Worsted. The one on the right is a London Beanie, free pattern found on the Internet, knitted with Manos del Uruguay.

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Ribbed Beanie

Revised ribbed beanie, 4x2 ribs.

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Made this while driving from Dallas to Plano last night. Wanted to send it to a friend in the military, but it is the wrong color scheme and it's kinda hot over there.

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The Summer Scarf

Je vous présent - l'Écharpe d'Été !

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Big, fluffy scarf (detail)

Detail of the BIG FLUFFY SCARF

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Big, fluffy scarf

Big fluffy scarf - May 23, 2006

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