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Joe-in WyomingHappy Holidays, everyone - Many Blessings for the New Year.8 hours 15 min ago
Joe-in WyomingLOL...glad for the responses.1 week 5 days ago
BuduR*Just nods*2 weeks 19 hours ago
NehkhasiHi Joe in Wyoming! I'm out here! LOL2 weeks 2 days ago
Joe-in Wyoming"Hello....Is there anybody out there?" - Pink Floyd2 weeks 3 days ago
CLABBERSHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!3 weeks 2 days ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Thanksgiving to all our members - whether in the US or not. LOL3 weeks 4 days ago
VHi!5 weeks 3 days ago
Joe-in WyomingMarriage Equality will begin in Wyoming later this week. Yippee!!9 weeks 7 hours ago