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New York BuiltHappy Birthday, Darrell! Wishing you only the best!1 day 23 hours ago
albertThe only properly gender-specific color is ultraviolet.3 days 18 hours ago
xtophercbi must be in the wrong spot... very firm notions of what constitutes 'male' and 'female' for colors, fit, etc... makes it harder to find patterns i'm happy with, but that's a consequence i can live with.2 weeks 5 days ago
BuduRI noticed that. But I just elbow my through ^^3 weeks 16 hours ago
michaelpthompsonBuduR, nobody posts here any more, it's too crowded. (to paraphrase Yogi Berra)3 weeks 2 days ago
New York BuiltIn the early 20th C, until about 1935, pink was considered a man's color, Social genderization...we create it and sustain it...we can also destroy it.4 weeks 4 days ago
BuduRI don't understand whole "Pink is for girl, blue is for boy" thing. I also don't understand why it's not acceptable for a man to wear a dress.4 weeks 4 days ago
New York BuiltPoor BuduR! Another victim of social genderization! Welcome to the club, dear!5 weeks 1 day ago
Billif I could get "fluorescent pink " on my computer, I'd be delighted!5 weeks 1 day ago
BuduRI was forced to wear pink frilly dresses for years. Growing up with 6 brothers I wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts and play with cars5 weeks 2 days ago
New York BuiltPink is a close relative to red, a fiery and bold color. Or is there a touch of chromophobia in your life?5 weeks 3 days ago
BuduRPink? are you trying to get rid of me? :p5 weeks 5 days ago
DarrelI should highlight the shoutbox in fluorescent pink :)5 weeks 5 days ago
BuduRThe shout box used to have posts constantly, what happened? HELLO BOYS!6 weeks 6 days ago
MMarioGuy out on Ravelery says he's trying to sign up here and unable to do so.10 weeks 1 day ago
MMarioPaging Darrel!10 weeks 1 day ago
ilhikerHappy Memorial Day! Hug a soldier today!13 weeks 2 days ago
ilhikerHappy Easter Weekend!18 weeks 3 days ago
SAPBrownHappy St. Paddy's Day *opens a Guinness23 weeks 1 day ago