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New Guy Who Knit!!!

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MY Knit Scarf

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2 Faced Monster Hat

I made this to try out Patons VooDoo. Gave it a happy side with black eyes and an angry side with red eyes. The angry side photo is attached.

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Fibonacci Stripe Hat

This was a top-down basic striped hat. I altered the pattern to use the Fibonacci Number pattern (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) and then added some ribbing at the bottom.

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Collar Crazy

These are a selection of some of the collars I've done and donated to Italian Greyhound Rescue to sell. They made their debut at the Italian Greyhound Rescue table, part of the All About Pets Fair at the Empire State Plaza this weekend.  I had to work fast at that table to keep up with replacing collars that sold! I know there are so many people that hate the fun-fur and eyelash yarns for human wear, but it makes for some mighty attractive pooch accessories.  Since so much of what I used for these was either given to me or was on sale for ridiculously low prices, it kept the costs down.  I have to do up more for our monthly adoption awareness table at one of the local pet supply stores. 

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Entrelac Bag

I had supposedly finished the Market Squares Entrelac Bag way back in June 2005 .... except for the handles. I was too lazy to sit and make I-cords. Besides, I didn't have any short dpns laying around and it was too much of a hassle to make I-Cords with long circulars.

Now almost a year later, I finished the handles and here you go. 

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Backyard Leaves

Backyard Leaves

Pattern: Backyard Leaves by Annie Modesitt
Book: Scarf Style
Yarn Brand: Karabella

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Women Who Knit

After months of prodding, we're proud to announce the launch of Women Who Knit, our new sister site!

It offers the same features and functionality that have enabled MWK users to share their craft so effectively.

Spread the word to your knitting sisters!

01:51 21/04/06

Just sitting here looking on tinternet wondering if im the only one who loves to knit and hey presto I stumble on this fantastic website where I can meet and chat to other members of the male knitting club! fantastic!

Am just taking a little break between sipping wine and starting another sweater while harry potter is getting almost burned by a big horney dragon. (lucky Harry!)

As you may have gathered I am new to this website and really very glad I stumbled across it. I have looked at some of the pix of the things you guys have made and have to say that I am really impressed! I myself have just finished making my first sweater, a gift for my partner that he hasn't seen yet. Im sure that he'll love it. As I said im just starting another sweater and really loving knitting it. Its one of the ones where you sit and knit for an hour or so and before you know it you have knitted almost the first side. The wool I'm using is denim ultra by Sirdar and its fantastic! Knits up really quickley. Will post pictures soon if anyone is interested.

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Fixing Mistakes

Help! How do you go back to fix mistakes or pick up dropped stitches?


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