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It's been weeks since I've knitted anything meaningful - just some hats. So much is going on right now! I've been sick, work is plentiful, court stuff, visiting friends... The last thirty days have seemed low-energy and high-output, but all the work I've been doing is leading up to a trip to Mexico! Finally! I wonder how cheap yarn is in Mexico... I wonder what kind of tarrifs one pays if they resell Mexican goods to US customers...

Although I haven't been knitting much, I've been thinking about it a lot and helping others with their craft. Two gals who work for one of my clients knit and they want me to teach them how dpn's work.

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Bring your knitting, share your creativity, drink some coffee.

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Come join the growing group of boyz knitting each Friday night. The shop closes down just for us. BYOB.

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whoa, Nellie!

damn you, eBay, and your wiley, economically-priced yarns! I must stop bidding on you. (not to mention other things like selvage jeans, stupid premium denim.) so, I didn't get the Noro Kureyon...

Penitent Knitters

Bring your knitting, drink some coffee, hang out.

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yin and yang

Also thought I'd show off my His & His / Hers & Hers / His & Hers (HnH3 for short) caps... merino wool and a 1 x 1 rib stitch... Knitted on No. 10 rounds.

Want to try some different knit patterns on the caps and maybe double strand in some Crystal Palace FIZZ to mix things up and add some funk.

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dare to be fuzzy

Finally got around to taking some photos of the scarves I've been working on... tripple stranding in stockingnet stitch with the wonderfully irredescent EROS ribbon yarn and EYELASH from Trendsetters (it's the same as GGH's FANCY). Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino round things off with a soft light warmth. All three yarns are made in Italy, land of beautiful things.

I call my combos Burnished Autumn, Electric Cherry-Blossom Wine, Sapphire Dusk and Emerald Verge.

Penitent Knitters

Knitting circle every Sunday. Drink some coffee, share your creativity.

Penitent Knitters

Get a start on knitting the project before heading off to a Gay Superbowl Party (the Oscars) in the evening. Drink some coffee, show your stuff; try and name the movies where knitting takes place in a scene. There are plenty of them - even though the scene may be fleeting.

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