Boyz Night

BYOB and come hang with the Knit Boyz and our fantastic host Vanessa.

Penitent Knitters

Bring your knitting, let loose your creativity. Drink some coffee and hang out with friends.

It's that time again... Bay Area Men Who Knit

When the revolution comes, will you be armed with your no. 13 double points and your cashmere-alpaca blend?

Or will you be caught with your skein around your ankles?

Come sit shoulder to shoulder... um, well, actually I guess you'd better scoot down a bit and give each other some elbow room to work our needles...

Where's my double mocha damnit?!

Monday Night Knit

Join your fellow knitters (and crocheters) every Monday night for fiber fun.

Three Dollar Bill Cafe
1800 Market Street (at Octavia)
PHONE 415 503-1532

HOURS Monday-Friday 7:00am-10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-10:00pm, Closed Sundays

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"Knitting on the Edge"

I mentioned at the "Men Who Knit" gathering tonight ... that the book "Knitting on the Edge" by Nicky available from Hamilton Books at the discounted price of $ shipping...

KNITTING ON THE EDGE: Ribs, Ruffles, Lace, Fringes, Flora, Points & Picots.
By Nicky Epstein.
Comprehensive and indispensable reference guide to 350 types of edgings and decorative borders. Features styles that will work for any yarn and any size needle that will allow knitters to customize their designs into one-of-a-kind creations. Fully illustrated in color. 168 pages. Size 11 x 81⁄2 inches. Published by Sixth&Spring.

Boyz Night

Every Friday night Knit New York closes shop and Boyz Night takes over. Its BYOB and they keep the register open for a while for any last minute supplies. Come join us: 9:00 pm to ????

Penitent Knitters

Bring your knitting, bring your creativity. Drink some coffee.

Knit for a cause...

Last year I was involved with the Academy of Friends Gala, a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS and other health services in the Bay Area that is held on Oscar night.

Restaurants and caterers, wineries from the greater Bay Area would donate food and wine, a large pavillion would be decorated and folks would dressup in tuxes and gowns and sip champagne and nibble and browse and mingle... last year we had a surprise performance by the cast of Cirque du Solei's Zumanity!

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Knit and the whole world has an opinion...

I knit on the BART train, I knit standing in line, I knit at sidewalk cafes... and it seems that folks are more than happy to strike up a conversation with you... either they're knitters themselves or they're admiring the piece you're making...

Knitting seems to help bring down social barriers to talking to strangers and I think it's cool. A nice smile or compliment is a little thing but has such a great impact on one's disposition. It can really make your day.

It's also nice to share one's experience with knitting... not to sound too New Agey and hippy-dippy, but it is very gratifying to be reknitting the social fabric in our community through a simple and satisfying craft.

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The more the merrier

Ok . . . I'm sitting here in St. Louis, Missouri and I'm jealous! I read messages about groups getting together in SF and NY and I wonder how I might get something going here. There are a number of 'stitch 'n bitch' groups that meet in various parts of the city, but they're all women. I'd love to get a group going for men. I know there are men who knit here--I've seen them in yarn shops! If anyone has any ideas of how I might go about getting something started, I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

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