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Mission Accomplished!

So I have done it! I have finished my first project. It is a scarf, and while it is much too small for me, I have come up with a solution...give it to a small person! The singer in my in my band, Cotton Candy, had a baby last year. Since Heidi wears the brightest colors known to science, I thought it only fitting for her daughter to sport my mini-orange/fushia ribbed scarf. Now on to 2 new projects, a combination mitten/sleeve and a darling hat. See you boys tonight!!

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Spontaneous Urban Knitting

I've got a pullover hoodie with a front pocket that is the perfect size for storing a hat-in-process along with a ball of yarn. Whenever I had to wait, I'd just reach in and start adding to the hat. It made waiting for the bus so much more tolerable.

While on the bus, I finally got a seat and immediately pulled out the needles. Two older gentlemen came over and sat near me and asked, "Is that pretty easy once you get the hang of it?" and we proceeded to talk about knitting, the South, and San Francisco. I let them in on how cheap it is to knit your own hats, the many varieties of yarn available, and other interesting tidbits while the front of the bus stared at me knit.

Men Who Knit SF

Men Who Knit - San Francisco, it's time to come together and play with needles! Our short-notice, inaugural gala will be tomorrow night at the Three Dollar Bill Cafe at 1800 Market St @ Octavia at 7:00PM (disregard whatever it says above, if different). Bring something to knit and we'll have a good time!

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I had to take a break from the sweater that's inching along row by row. Millimetering would be a better description. I needed something fast and mildly challenging enough to make me appreciate the droning hours of stockingette the sweater requires.

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Fun at ArtFibers

I've read of people spending three hours in a yarn store and now I, I'm happy to say, am one of those people.

I have been dreaming of double-pointed needles for the past few days. I'm ready to makes hats and gloves! Having been to Imagiknit, I decided to spread my wings and try a new store - ArtFibers.

ArtFibers is awesome! I spoke with Roxanne on the phone prior to going and when I got to the store, both she and Kira were a big help. Roxanne took a look at my pattern and showed me their yarns which would achieve that guage. I sat in the "Yarn Tasting Area" and, with Kira's help, worked on a few swatches until we found the right yarn/needle combination. She told me I knit "really, really, really tight" but I'm not sure how to knit more loosely... The yarn specs at 19s=4" with some #8's, but I got 21s=4" with #9's. Look out!

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squashed knitting

I have never knitted in a group before last night. Sure, on occasion I've knitted with one other person, but group action was something that wasn't part of my knitting repartoire.

Until last night...

Knitting Pattern Central

A huge collection of links to free knitting patterns, and most appear to include pictures, too! Tons of different projects organized by genre and type.

Cabling Without a Cable Needle

When working patterns with large numbers of cables, using a cable needle can become pretty tedious. It's also one more thing you need to track, and if you're me, will inevitably lose. But wait! There's a solution! Here's a quick tutorial, with diagrams, on how to work cables without a cable needle.

DNA Scarf

Probably one of my favorite scarf patterns. Uses mock cables to create a double helix. Geeky? You bet!

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First Project Complete!

The picture says it all! Hooray!


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