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Can't swing a cat…

Well, I survived my first foray to the Stitches West convention in Santa Clara this weekend. Went down there on Amtrak's Capitol Corridor since I thought CalTrain was still upgrading rails on weekends. A nice ride down with plenty of knitting time.

I don't think I've ever been around so many women in one place before... Stitches was just crawling with the fairer sex... spotted the odd long suffering husband or boyfriend carrying bags of yarn trailing behind their gals or waiting in line at the cash registers while their significant other foraged for yarn.

Bay Area Men Who Knit weekly meeting

Another chance for the boys to get together and share. Recount Stitches purchases and inspirations...

We handed out flyers at Stitches and even sold a few buttons... so hopefully there'll be more fellas joining our group in person and also online.

Monday Night Knit - Valentine's Edition

Many of you will be ladden with yarn and yarns from Stitches West... come show off your bags of swag...

Coffee comfy couches and quality company... who could ask for anything more? There might be handmade truffles from Spun Sugar if you get there early... Happy Valentines!

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Knitted ELVIS wig!

I'm sure you've all been searching for this pattern...
a knitted ELVIS wig hat!

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How can I explain, when there are few words I can choose?

Well, it's not that there's few words, just not a lot of time to compose and arrange those words to summarize my knitting since before Xmas. Where to start?

Looking through the images on my camera, it's been lots of gift knitting. I don't know if I'll get around to posting images...

Boyz Night

Knit NY shuts down every Friday night at 9:00 for Boyz Night. Except for our two hostesses the fabulous Vanessa and Siobhan, No Girls Allowed. There are usually between 10-20 guys of all ages and all skill levels. It's BYOB and usually runs until at least midnight.

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Hats and Handbags

You might enjoy looking at this on line exhibit of Hats and Handbags by friends and students of Prudence Mapstone.

Wonderful colourful work!


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Now taking requests...

Well gents, I finally got around to laying out some promo cards for MEN WHO Today at work, I'll be seeing about minting some buttons too.

For those of you interested in starting or publicizing your own local chapters and meetings, send me a private message on here with the details and I'll make up a layout for you and send it to you as a PDF you can print and distribute.

Once I have the buttons done, I'll put up some photos and get you guys a price on covering the production costs so you too can proudly declare to the world that you are a man who knits!

Though the best and m

Penitent Knitters

Bring your knitting, bring your creativity, drink some coffee and have a good time. Ongoing every Sunday.

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