looking for a for test knitters..

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Would any of you find strapping men like to test my glove pattern. I put the call out on ravelry but i also want a few men to knit these also so i can see if I need to adjust the sizing for a guys hand. I have smaller hands than most guys I know so i didnt just want mine to be the size I based them on.

If you are interested just PM me and i will send you the pattern...

Incase you didn't see the mitts I'm talking about I added a photo

Materials needed:

Size 2 DPN

Yarn used: Jade Sapphire 2/ply cashmere silk ( I know this is a random yarn but you can use what ever you have laying around)

Waste Yarn

Darning needle

Any takers?

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I looked up Jade Sapphire

I looked up Jade Sapphire cashmere silk. The website gave:

"2-ply, 400 yds, 1-3 needle, 6-8 stitches per inch, 55 gms"

Does that help at all?

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yep thats it! Born

yep thats it!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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What's the weight (yds/oz

What's the weight (yds/oz meters/gm) of the Jade Sapphire?

I'm sure you give a guage - but having an idea of the weight you used helps....