Make it work: X-Mas edition~ Llama Poncho repair

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Starter on the truck went out... no traveling but for bike and bus, and bus doesn't run to the island on the holidays. I've paid my neccessary bills, but no extra money for the starter until next $$$. Oh well. I'm biking and busing, and wasting my waist away.

So, I spent the holiday...TWENTY HOURS+, watching old movies on DVD (To Sir With Love, anyone?) and fixing this Poncho: A Bolivian Handspun/handknit Llama Poncho that had been sitting in a 3 season porch on a chair next to a bag of birdseed. There are mice on the Porch... Need a say more? About 16 holes you could put your whole arm through, plus other chewed bits. I made Taco Bell wages fixing this, but I used it as a challenge of my skills.

I created new yarn from "felt joining) foot long bits of old yarn... from taking bits of old yarn and felting the fiber to a core yarn if I didn't have enough and couldn't find a match. It was 20 hours of MAKE IT WORK. The client was STUNNED with the result and I was pretty damn proud of myself. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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'Fess up- you used

'Fess up- you used reverse-engineered Alien technology. You must have been trained in the Area 51 Fiber Arts Division.

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Naw, I was raised on the

Naw, I was raised on the island of Unwanted Christmas Toys. Herbie is my dentist.

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too bad; the former would

too bad; the former would make the more interesting movie and broadway musical adaptation....

with less royalties to pay as well........

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Uhhhh.... Just a sec, I'll

Uhhhh.... Just a sec, I'll come up with words in a minute. Your skills are far better than Taco Hell wages dude. They should have replaced the truck's starter at the least. Amazing.

Laughter is a language we all speak,

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Oh, it easily would pay for

Oh, it easily would pay for a new starter, but the utility and phone bills were first in line. I can live without a car for a while, but not without phone or heat. Thank goodness for Tri-met bus and rail lines and bicycles.

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Words fail me. I can see

Words fail me. I can see how the client was stunned. But I'd have to say it's beyond stunning. Something like that is true stitch wizardry. Pure magic. What a gift you've got.

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The wizard of the wool

The wizard of the wool weaves his magic again. Great job..

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I bow down in humbleness,

I bow down in humbleness, Bob. That repair job is truly phenomenal. I'm almost tempted to tell my friend that he should contract with you for the alterations. However, in all honesty, I don't think he would. Congrats on a great job. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Cute and made yarn

Cute and made yarn skill...TAKE ME IM YOURS! :-p

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Great Job! That's beyond

Great Job! That's beyond talent, that's a gift!

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WOW! You really brought out

WOW! You really brought out your Inner Tim Gunn for this project!

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WOW! And you did this for

WOW! And you did this for TBell wages? The end result is amazing. Hope there was a gratuity involved for the exceptional work you put in to this.

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Amazing job. I don't think

Amazing job. I don't think anyone could tell that it was such a mess before you repaired it.