Knitting and some OT

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Don is doing well with his knitting but struggling with being left handed. He voiced an interest in knitting machines so I went out Sat and bought him one, needless to say I had an 8' Alpaca scarf with "I" cord down the sides by Sunday afternoon to wear out to dinner. You just gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As to the OT, he proposed to me on his birthday and I accepted. I am moving into his place in Jan before we go to Mexico. No date for the wedding but it will be a couple of years off yet!!!!!!!


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Best wishes abound for you

Best wishes abound for you both. My mom would say it isn't a bad thing to live together before marriage...pretty forward thinking for some one who would be 93 this year. Especially since she came out with that statement in the 1970's. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Best wishes to both of you.

Best wishes to both of you.

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Excellent for you both.

Excellent for you both. Congrats!

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Congratulations, Dennis.

Congratulations, Dennis.

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Overwhelmingly good

Overwhelmingly good news...congratulations on both counts.

Congrats! I am very happy

Congrats! I am very happy for you both!

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Congrats and happy machine

Congrats and happy machine knitting too!! That's great! I've never even seen a knitting machine at work. Probably should just look on Youtube huh?

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Congratulations!! A

Congratulations!! A knitting machine!!!

;-) Best to you both and here's to your wonderful future together!

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Congratulations and much

Congratulations and much happiness!

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My grandmother would be of

My grandmother would be of mixed opinions...highly approving of Don's knitting...but not approving of your moving in with him before you're married...but at least you're engaged!
Best wishes to you both!