Finished Brooklyn Tweed Hat

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While the hubby bear was sleeping this morning, I finished one of his Christmas presents - the Koolhas hat I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago. And since he has fallen asleep watching The Wiz on TV, I had the opportunity to photograph it and show it off. 1x1 cables mastered!

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Very, very nice, Roderick.

Very, very nice, Roderick. I think that shade of blue will be eyecatching. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That colour is gorgeous.

That colour is gorgeous. Beautifully done.

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That turned out great! Your

That turned out great! Your hubby will be so pleased ;-)

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Absolutely beautiful - that

Absolutely beautiful - that is one of those patterns that makes me think "I've got to do that one" every time I see it. Lucky hubby bear!!! :-) Congrats!

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Well done, kudos!

Well done, kudos!

Great hat and a wonderful

Great hat and a wonderful colour.

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Turned out wonderfully! I

Turned out wonderfully! I love the blue.

Grace and Peace,

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Looks great.

Looks great.