Tiger Eye Lace Scarf

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I made through my pattern problems and finally finished the Tiger Eye Lace Scarf. It's in Malabrigo sock with size 5 needles. It went amazingly fast but blocked a lot longer then it was supposed to. It was knit from both ends then grafted in the center. According to the pattern 30" halves should block out to 72", mine blocked out to 80+". I guess it's just the difference in yarn used. Do you all find that merino stretches out more when blocking then other fibers?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I sure did!

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Extremely nice, Scott. I

Extremely nice, Scott. I really like that shade of green - even though I am not normally a green fan. The fact it blocked a bit longer just means there is more love there for someone to wrap up in. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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How beautiful! I'm trying to

How beautiful! I'm trying to work my first project in lace for a Christmas gift, but so far I've had very little success =/ This is gorgeous work, though. Congratulations! =)

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'tis lovely indeed. actually

'tis lovely indeed. actually makes me want to conquer my fears and try lace. no small feat.

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Fear not, it doesn't bite.

Fear not, it doesn't bite.

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Thanks guys! I love the

Thanks guys! I love the encouragement I get from MWK, it inspires me.

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That is beautiful and I love

That is beautiful and I love the color. I am working on my first lace scarf and so can appreciate how hard the first one is. Really beautiful work.

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Lovely scarf.

Lovely scarf.

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That is really beautiful and

That is really beautiful and don't worry - longer IS better!
I don't knit with wool (allergies) but I do find alpaca blocks longer or bigger. :-)

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I'm drooling on my keyboard-

I'm drooling on my keyboard- exquisite knitting, and that blue/green- orgasmic!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Beautiful pattern

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Very beautiful work. The

Very beautiful work. The lacework is lovely.

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That's gorgeous!

That's gorgeous!