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I am so happy that I wanted to share with you ...
I'm waiting this time till one years....
I go 4 days on holidaus in ALASACE (France) to by some decoration for X-mas...
I go in a very small town where there is a manufacturing christmas balls....
please take a look, it's wondefull....
One different christmas balls each years....
have nice night...

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Exquisite. -- Books,

Exquisite. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Fantastic! That part of the

Fantastic! That part of the world at Christmas is so colourful. Bon voyage/goede reis!

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Love that colour.

Love that colour.

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votre balls are

votre balls are ehhh....pretty

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Bonjour Philippe, These look

Bonjour Philippe,
These look beautiful. Is it blown glass?

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For this one ( the one of

For this one ( the one of the picture) i'm not very sure, because there is like a "sewing" in the glas on the edge.
But there is other ones ( see internet site) where there is nothing. I you can go on this small town you can see the man at work and he makes blown glass...
this is very nice and interesting. Each year ha make a new one, last year it was like a lamp (bulb?)
Best regards
sorry for my english... normally I speak French...